Doomsday Vault is Officially Established, against the disaster, during the Apocalypse



ANTARCTICA – A group of scientists make sure great for mengghindari disaster of the day of judgment. Storage areas built for judgement day or “doomsday vault”, in the area of the North pole, and was given as 60,000 seeds to eat.

As reported by The Threshold, Not only additional seed including cowslips, wild flowers yellow by Prince Charles and of corn a Cherokee, who is Holy, increase the supply of agricultural crops in the world, when disaster strikes the global.

Concern that the increased climate change and loss of species to encourage groups from all over the world to give up their seed storage in a mountain near Longyearbyen on the island Spitsbergen in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, about 1,300 km from the North pole.ALSO READ: NASA Ready to Fall, asteroids, All of them Can Make you rich?

Storage areas of food plants has been founded, to receive the plants, which feed a population that continues to grow could, in the face of climate change.

“If the pace of climate change and loss of biological diversity is increasing, there is a new urgency to save the efforts, plants in danger of extinction”, says Stefan Schmitz, head of the crop trust, which manage the storage of it.

“The wide diversity of seed storage now, reflect will be the concern of the world, the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity in food production”, adds Schmitz.

As many as 36 institutions contribute to regional and international to 60,000 samples stored on Tuesday.

The seeds of beans, squash and corn from the Cherokee Nation – a group of native Americans first, send the harvest to the storage, the corn of the White eagle, which is considered sacred.

Prince Charles of England, known because the environment of the campaign, send seed 27, the wild plants, including cowslips and orchids in the meadows convenient to Highgrove, his home town, to be collected.