“Doping online tickets.” And he takes it out on director Russo.

Is selling tickets online to the Colosseum doping? With costs that become even five times higher? Quickly done for the adviser for major events in Rome, Alessandro Onorato, the blame must be placed on the minister Gennaro Sangiuliano and, above all, on the director of the archaeological park, Alfonsina Russo.

Tickets to the Colosseum are selling six times more expensive: the adviser poses another challenge to the director of the archaeological park

The frontal attack appeared on Instagram a few weeks after the scandal. “The Great Circus, which is not a stadium”, How Russo interrupted Travis Scott’s concert after the earthquake wanted by Roma Capitale in territory administered by Campidoglio. In fact, Onorato positioned himself right under the Colosseum, where he made his accusations: “If we were in control, we would have already solved the problem.– he interrupted.

The video of the accusation was published this morning. “It’s time to act. Minister Sangiuliano and Director Russo can no longer stand by and watch. We must stop the shameful doping sale of tickets to the Colosseum, which reach truly insane prices on parallel and foreign channels. A hateful phenomenon that damages the image of Rome, tourists and tour operators who follow the rules.” explains Onorato.

The deputy asks to take urgent measures against “online advertising” tickets to enter the complex, which includes the territories of the Colosseum, Palatine, Roman Forum and Golden House.

Coldplay example

You know when you’re trying to buy a ticket to see your favorite band perform? Maybe Coldplay. You wait for them to post the ticket sales online, you stay there, download all the data, and at that moment a message appears on the screen that the tickets are sold out, but incredibly, a second later on other parallel sites the same tickets are selling for three, four. times, five times the original price? Well, it’s the same now minimum 7 months occurs continuously in the Colosseum“, Onorato drowns.

Which points to the Colosseum: “This wonderful site is not managed by the Municipality of Rome, otherwise we would have already intervened, but it is managed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Minister Sangiuliano and the Archaeological Directorate of the Colosseum, Dr. Russo. So what’s going on? That a ticket costs 16 euros plus pre-sale, but as soon as you try to buy it you can’t immediately, because they are there companies organized specifically abroad, let’s say, with multiple purchases using so-called “bots” they take away all tickets that the user or Rome/Italian travel agencies can no longer find them.“, Onorato reports.

“Bad International Actor”

But “incredible – continues the Capitol adviser, – in a minute they turn out to be 5 times more expensive, 6 times more expensive, from 16 euros to 50 euros, from 16 euros to 100 euros, and therefore tourists who come to Rome, also for the Colosseum, some especially for the Colosseum, can’t they see this site, others are forced to pay 5 times more, and we We make a terrible impression internationally. After 7 months of asking for the intervention of the Minister and the Archaeological Directorate of the Colosseum Archaeological Park. It’s time to say clearly that this situation is unacceptable“.

Sangiuliano’s proposal

At the moment, Councilor Onorato has the support of some politicians (left). We are waiting for the reaction of director Russo, with whom there is no good blood.

However, Minister Sangiuliano’s proposal is ready. who is thinking about introducing nominal tickets against online fraud.

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