Double chin: 8 ways to hide it

Are you worried about the second chin? Do not panic! Here are 8 valuable tips and tricks to hide it!

Double chin: 8 ways to hide it

Michelle Williams, Khloe Kardashian, Drew Barrymore… How do you think, double chin Is it only your problem, and maybe related to a few extra pounds or age? This is not entirely true, although with age the skin no longer taut and elastic still, and the irritating spot between the chin and neck may swell. The second chin is the weak point of many, even very young and fit: stars and celebrities who are well versed in the tricks and tips on how to reduce itwithout resorting to cosmetic surgery, hide it, divert attention, between accessories, clothing, makeup and haircutas well as products climb and ingenious inventions skin care! Just a few tricks! Read the article and find out more!

Hide the second chin, how to do it? Here are 8 tricks not to be missed

Let’s say more men have a double chin, but we women we complain more: a double chin can be annoying, as many others are bothered by the pounds on their hips or stomach. Being below the chin, it can unbalance facial features and make disharmonious and heavy face. contouringor chiaroscuro technique, is the first step compose learn to put it in the “shadow”. Then come the methods of “distraction”: on cheeks or at lip. But there are also exercises. gymnasticsproducts climbways to wear cloth or accessories, carriercuts hair which can more or less minimize… there are so many ways to intervene without a scalpel: that’s all 8 tricks and tips which will surely help you hide it!

Makeup part I, contouring


Brushes, bronzer, foundation, powder (or land). This is what is needed for contouringa makeup technique that, by playing with light and shadows, highlights the parts of the face that need to be illuminated and masks minor imperfections. disappear is a slogan, but be careful not to create excessive chromatic contrast between the light on the face and the shadow on the neck (otherwise… it will look like a beard!) chin. Apply on face foundation it also affects climbone more shade transparent higher and more dark on a double chin, enhance the shade, mixing it towards the neck with a lighter one, as on the face. Finish your face with one face powder opaquealways in two shades. The darkest tone under the chin, and the lightest on the face and neck as a highlighter. As an alternative to a darker powder, even one will do. Earthif it is opaque and not shiny, blend along the sides of the face and along the double chin, without sharp contrasts, but always blending to give the area a shadow.

Makeup 2, divert attention!

After shading the face with contouring, choose to “draw” the attention away from the chin and under the chin and highlight other parts such as eyes, lips and cheeks. Shading on the cheekbones blush shine or apply on lips pomade lively, glossy or saturated and intense. Naomifor example, does it often, with great results!

Skin Care Part 1 ChinUp Mask from Korea!

chin mask

It’s about sheet masks disposable for use at night or for the time indicated by the product, which are attached to the ears and refresh, hydration, smoothness and elasticity thanks to the various ingredients they contain. Hugs are good for you when you relax, the substances they contain act on the fatty tissues of the face and act like “gymnastics” (without having to do this!). Chin Lift Modeling Sheet Mask is a shaping mask that tones the chin and double chin. Designed for those who love… selfies and their own look! Energy and skin lifting benefits are achieved through a combination of adenosine, peptides and niacinamide. Refreshing power vested in oil peppermint. Comfortable and comfortable to wear.

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Skin care part 2, choose a moisturizer and firming cream or serum!

clarence lifting cream

As we always say, hydration is the basis of internal and external well-being. Among the many high and mid-range products that act as climb and with effect tensorTo counteract a double chin, choose lifting serums and creams, trying to massage them correctly, from the bottom up, from the neck to the chin. Clarins Extra-Firming Neck and Décolleté is a special remodeling and smoothing treatment with a lifting effect for the most delicate areas, which restores tone and elasticity day after day. A creamy texture for all skin types that elevators, repairs and companies.

Choose the right haircut!

There are haircuts that are more correct, and there are less correct, to avoid too bright coverage of a double chin. If you have long hair, tie it in one tail or in one chignon tall ones that act as optical lifts and draw attention away from the chin! neck in general, he should stand the most opening possible. Covering it with scarves, shawls and seals, which we also write about below, is highly discouraged! If you prefer short hair, the classic bob is not the best option, but the cut oval AND exposed what frames the face or incision short and asymmetrical with a tuft reaching to the jaw, they are more suitable, elongating the face and complementing the features. Michelle Williamswho also often wears very short and modern haircuts such as the pixie, is an example of elegance with her hair tied back and wide neckline!

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Gymnastics for the face, what exercises are best done against a double chin!

exercises - chewing

The first exercise that keeps the muscles in shape and helps lift the lower part of the chin is chewing. Obviously… it’s better not to eat all the time, but to choose chewing gum, in moderation and always on a full stomach. But there are so many other useful exercises, most notably looking up and stretching the neck. Or open your mouth by pushing your lower jaw out and raising your chin as much as possible, holding this position for 10 seconds. This can also be done with your mouth closed, as if you were kissing him from the bottom up. Very similar again, look up and raise your mouth as if you are going to kiss the ceiling, release and repeat at least 15-20 times.

Beware the carriage!

exercises - yoga pilates

Good pose indicated for aesthetic and health problems. Even a double chin, such as a small belly or saggy breasts, can improve your appearance if you improve your posture. Sitting at the computer or a sedentary lifestyle without too much sports can worsen the position of the back and … double chin. exercise regularly, stretching, yoga or Pilates to stretch muscles and improve posture. Walking with your head held high not only communicates to others that we are well prepared for them, but it certainly “lifts” the double chin and makes it less noticeable! Even sleeping with your stomach up, neck outstretched, with one pillow that isn’t too high helps keep the “weight” under your chin down.

Accessories and clothing, what is recommended and what is not

neckline and accessories

Let’s start with accessories: the rule is always not to draw too much attention to the chin and under the chin. So I don’t recommend earrings too much long AND pendantsand much better stud earrings, even large and spectacular. However, the opposite rule applies to necklaces: the longer they are, the more they will draw attention down to the neckline. So, with clothes, the trick is the same: divert attention from the neck by looking at the neck. necklinealso not excessive. Only two or three unbuttoned buttons on a blouse, for example. Turtlenecks or high collars are strictly prohibited! They would only highlight the second chin … Everything is clear, girls?

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