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Difficult period for Sandra Bullock. After losing a beloved partner Brian Randall the actress has to deal with the controversy associated with her work. After that, the Hollywood diva got into a storm Michael Oher, former NFL player who inspired the film Blind area which allowed her to win an Academy Award in 2010, accused the film of being the result of outright lies.

Sandra Bullock: The Blind Side Scandal

Blind area based on true events and focused on About the life of Michael Oher, a young African American who was adopted by Tuohy, a wealthy white family. The story develops with a focus on how the Tuohy family provides support and opportunities for the Michael he eventually becomes. soccer player successfully. In the feature film, Sandra Bullock plays the matriarch of the family, Lee Ann Tuohy which played an important role in the development of Oher’s potential.

The latter sued the couple, claiming that they were not never been accepted, but was instead forced to sign papers, depriving him of his legal powers and use of his name to enrich himself at his expense. “Michael Oher discovered the lie in February 2023 when he learned that the ‘guardianship’ he signed, which he believed would make him a member of the Tuohy family, did not in fact offer him any family relationship,” documents filed by the court. read 37-year-old former player in court.

Tukhoy denied the allegationsexplaining that they were devastated by being put on trial: “It’s shocking to think we were capitalizing on our children,” they said, elaborating that they made nothing from the film other than half of what they paid Lewis. , “and this amount was distributed equally among all members of the family.”

“Sandra Bullock must now return the Oscar”, – sports reporter Brandon Walker stated unequivocally on Channel X. The request was supported by many other fans of the athlete, who lashed out at the translator, who worked hard and for a long time on the role. Among other things, due to this role, Bullock also won golden globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

“Sandra Bullock should return the Oscar”: the actress is shocked

Sandra Bullock obviously shocked by what happened: a source close to the actress recalled that the star is going through a particularly difficult time after death of his partner Briannoting that “now her heart is broken again after the news about Michael Oher”.

Actor Quinton Aaronplayed by Michael Oher in Blind area, she came to the defense of a colleague: “One is not connected with the other. Sandra didn’t fool anyone. Sandra didn’t create all of this.: She is an actress who was paid for her work. He did it very well and his talent was recognized. Why should she be stripped of her award? My mom always told me, “Think before you speak” and now I know why.”

Quinton was keen to remind us, “The Blind Side has given people a lot of hope, and it breaks my heart because these are the people I met, respected and knew during the making of this film. project that he saved my life and now I hear the news… I just pray that both sides can resolve the issue without destroying everything what they’ve created over the years, because beyond everything but the film and every release, they were a family.”

Michael Lewis, author on which the film is based, in an interview with The Washington Post, he stated that the Tuhoy family, minus interest that went to agents and various bureaucratic expenses, received about $ 350,000 to make films and that the couple intended to divide the earnings with all family members but Michael Oher started to refuse checks royalty related.

Lewis said: “Everyone should be mad at the Hollywood studio system. Michael Oher should join the writers’ strike. The way Hollywood works is outrageous, but the money is not in Tuohy’s pockets.” Writer for a long time friend of Sean Tuohy, further stressed, “What makes me really sad is that I have been watching this situation closely. They showered him with resources and love. The fact that he suspects them is shocking. To do this, you need to be in a certain state of mind. I’m sad for him.”

Sandra Bullock’s partner Brian Randall dies

Recently Sandra Bullock lost partner Brian Randall. Photographer disappeared at age 57 years old after three years of struggle against ALS. The actress first met Randall while filming his son Louis’ birthday party in January 2015. Later, their relationship became known when they appeared at the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. In a TV interview she did not hesitate to call him “the true love of my life”.

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