Dove Cameron had a session with his psychiatrist in full red carpet


Dove Cameron had to talk about their problems of depression and anxiety in front of many people…

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Since some time ago, Dove started to be honest with their fans about their mental health problems, the star confessed that he has been in therapy to treat their anxiety and depression.

Via Twitter, the star of the Descendants confessed that during this weekend he had to attend to the call of his psiquitra in full red carpet, and had to receive therapy while surrounded by about 50 people:

I have just had a telephone conversation strong of 13 minutes with my psychiatrist about my anxiety/depression and my mental health history. I was on a red carpet together close to 50 people who were shot in the ear, and if that is not a metaphor for my entire life, so I don’t know what is“.

I had a second to realize that it was my psychiatrist calling, and I thought: ‘this is a bad time, I’m at an event’, but then I thought: ‘in reality, mental health is the first thing’. No matter what, I had a therapy session in public. I value more of what someone thinks of me“.

Fans reacted positively to the comments of the Dove, and assured him that they are super proud of your courage, what do you guys think?

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