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The cover of this issue is dedicated to Pedro Almodovargreat friend of the dear and mourners Almudena Grandes and a cult director able to portray a world populated by bright, modern and complex characters, but indifferent to the views of moralists, who certainly appealed to Michel Murgeawhose untimely death we mourn. It was impossible to agree with her, but she knew how to make herself heard thanks to her only weapon: the words in which she put her whole self. No one last dream Almodóvar gives us life stories from which we also understand how an idea for a film or screenplay can be born. The title passage is indicative in this sense. Visit, in which the tension slowly and inexorably builds, announcing an explosion that, hopefully, will happen soon. But two plays on a religious theme are also surprising (mirror ceremony AND Redemption), which, thanks to the brilliant creativity of the author, upset the expectations of those who read them. Watching this release Bookseller I was touched, I found so many stories that we enjoyed reading and passionately discussing in recent months. Too many good books, too many expensive writers for the little space allotted to me.

I am very grateful to all the authors who contribute to the enrichment of the publishing landscape and this issue. Books from which international films and series are sometimes born, books that create worlds. Beginning with Oppenheimer From Kai Bird AND Martin J. Sherwin, published by Garzanti, from which Nolan’s great film was born. Next comes, I must say, colossal: a series based on Lions of Sicilybig success Stephanie Auci, starting October 25 exclusively on Disney+. And on Rai Play there is also a series based on the bestseller Enrico Galliano And yet we are happy. I will also use these lines for an important announcement: on October 24, the long-awaited event book will be released, in which Britney Spears, finally free to be yourself, lifts the veil on the years – until now secret – during which so many people have demonstrated their freedom. We will talk about this in the next issue, but for now, save the date!

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There are so many other things that I would like to write about, such as such a sweet humanity and introspective ability Emmanuel Trevinot only to his father, but to all of us in his Wizard’s house.

I also have to mention Rachel, the charming main character Little formalitynew novel Alessia Gazzolawhich made me smile several times, a new adventure in history Marco ButicchiItalian master of adventure, and again new works Christina Kaboni, Federica Bosco AND Robert ShireJapanese novels by Garzanti, exciting new stories from Nord and Magazzini Salani novels that appeal to young women – the strongest category of readers – without forgetting another star of Italian bookstores, Felicia Kingsley, published by Newton Compton. And then the debut of authors who had huge international success, such as Leila Mottley Bollati Boringieri, Alice Wynn Author: Garzanti e Shelley Reed from Corbaccio.

And finally, but only in order of appearance: Adventures of an innovatorbrilliant and inspiring story Frederic Marchetti, the only Italian who, in this new industrial revolution, was able to found, grow and establish a unicorn, that is, a new multinational company with millions of customers, starting from the province of Ravenna and conquering the world. I hope that many young people looking for the future will read it.

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