Downsides of Using Blackhead Strips, According to Dermatologists

We are all plagued by blemishes on our skin. They become very visible, affecting texture and uniformity, making our appearance worse. And, although they’re more common during adolescence, that doesn’t mean we suffer from them at all ages. That’s why household tools like deep facial cleansers and pore suction cups have become so popular.However, the real success of the network is

blackhead removal stickers. Those tempting Douyin videos let us see the residual impurities in them, making us eager to buy them.

Although, they might not be as good as they look. In fact, we don’t just mean its effectiveness at removing these substances.

pore-clogging buildup. There are also possible side effects of its use on the skin. To that end, we talked to experts about blackhead strips so they can give us their opinion and you can evaluate for yourself whether to incorporate them into your facial regimen.

what are these

if you suffer from a lot

black spotThe nose area, in particular, is where dirt builds up the most, clogging pores, causing fat and impurities to form dark, tiny blemishes that you’ll do anything to get rid of. Of course, the first thing is to remove blackhead stickers.

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It is a patch placed on the nose area to remove blemishes in one go.he

Dr. Adrian Alegre, Dermatologisttells us that “blackhead stickers work by an adhesive mechanism, where the glue of the blackhead sticker bonds with the oxidized keratin of the blackhead, and the blackhead is emptied when the blackhead sticker is removed.” The question is whether they are really as good as they look .

How to use blackhead removal stickers

As we have seen before, the product can be used on certain areas of the face, mainly the nose, reserved for later use.

Remove black spots when pulling the patch. As wonderful as it sounds in practice, some methods are not so effective because we can’t see how to reduce all defects like we see in advertisements.

Anyway, when asked if they were effective, Dr Adrián Alegre commented: “Aesthetically, blackhead strips are great for improving the appearance of enlarged pores and keratin, but they will never solve the problem in the long run .” That is, they are just a

Transient remedies and visual extent of the problem.

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In any case, to maximize its efficacy and get rid of more of these blemishes, it is recommended to follow some

Skin Prep Guide. It is recommended to apply them on getting out of the shower to perfectly cleansed skin that has been double cleansed before so that the pores are more open, and to moisten the patch before applying.

we must also

wait about 10 or 15 minutes Wearing the strap, lift it up from the ends little by little to avoid irritation from pulling. Once removed, now we will wash our face with fresh water and then we will apply a tonic with sebum regulators or healing agents.

Is it recommended to use it?

This type of product is controversial because many people not only approve of its ineffectiveness, but also its efficacy.

How aggressive they are on the skin, by pulling on irritated and inflamed skin. But, from a professional standpoint, dermatologist Adrián Alegre tells us, “it may be recommended, but only within the context of an appropriate dermatological cosmetic routine, including topical treatments to prevent recurrence of blackheads.”

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Basically, doctors emphasize the need for a complete facial for prevention and prevention

blackhead treatment Not just removing it on an aesthetic level. “Furthermore, it is not appropriate to use it when there are already present inflammatory lesions typical of active acne, such as pustules or papules, ie comedones,” Dr. Allegri also clarifies.

side effect

If we misuse blackhead removal stickers, we may encounter some skin problems, especially

Specific conditions in which skin color is more likely to change. Dermatologist Adrián Alegre explains: “Using it on sensitive skin or skin with active acne can lead to increased sensitivity, erythema or permanent redness, worsening of acne lesions and even Infect.”

What is the Most Recommended Blackhead Removal Treatment?

We ask dermatologists about the potential for adverse side effects or misuse in some people, even when using products that are inherently harmful due to poor manufacturing

What treatment should we take to remove blackheads As an alternative, does not damage the skin.

Dr. Adrián Alegre tells us that “blackheads are still open comedones and are precursor lesions of acne.” Therefore, “the most effective treatment for removing blackheads is the use of appropriate cosmetic procedures for residual acne lesions, in addition to in-flight dermatology (such as cleansing facials) often include salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and retinoids, among others. Vacuum therapy and micro-peeling devices are used,” recommends


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