Dozens dead and injured in Israeli raids in the Gaza Strip

“Hezbollah Brigades” in Iraq: We will expand the scope of attacks against American forces

Kataib Hezbollah’s spokesman in Iraq, Muhammad Mohie, pledged to continue targeting American forces, expanding their reach and perhaps using new weapons at a time when Iraqi armed factions launch almost daily attacks on bases Americans in the country and in Syria, in response to the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

He added, in an interview with the Arab World News Agency, that the Phalange has been in “open confrontation with American forces” since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Mohie said the brigades could use new weapons “to target illegal American bases in Iraq.”

The Popular Mobilization Forces announced that 8 of its members were killed following an American bombing in Babil governorate at dawn yesterday (Wednesday). The Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq have promised to respond.

US Central Command said its forces carried out separate attacks on two facilities in Iraq, and added on platform “X” that the attack occurred “in response to attacks launched by Iran and its groups supported against the United States and coalition forces.” including a missile attack that occurred on Tuesday.

Mohie explained that the Jurf al-Sakhar area, targeted by Washington, “is an area where Iraqi security forces are deployed, including the army, federal police and popular mobilization forces, and therefore it cannot be classified as belonging to this or another party, rather it belongs to all Iraqi security services.”

He believes that the bombing constitutes an attack on “Iraqi sovereignty, which cannot be accepted in any way, and that any Iraqi who discovers that there are crimes being committed against his people and his security forces by the illegally present occupation forces on his land he owes the right to resist and face this brutal aggression.”

Regarding the presence of American forces in Iraq, Kataib Hezbollah spokesperson said: “American forces claim to be present in Iraqi military bases in the form of advisors and non-combat forces, but reality belies this matter. American forces exist in a military form and carry out military activities on Iraqi soil… In favor of imposing one’s will on the Iraqi political, military and security reality.”

In the last twenty-four hours, Iraqi factions belonging to the so-called “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” announced that they had launched two drone attacks, one against the Harir base and the other at Erbil airport, in northern Iraq, in response to the bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Mohie said: “This is not the first time that American forces have attacked us, as the United States has targeted, with its army and its planes, our leaders, our sites and our bases, and therefore we are in an open confrontation with the United States,” stressing that the attacks could extend to an area “larger than Iraq’s borders.”

He continued: “The United States stands with all its material, military and security capabilities” alongside Israel, “and we stand with all our capabilities alongside our brothers in Gaza.”

Regarding the possibility of dragging Iraq into war, Mohie said: “The American presence in Iraq is the reason for destabilizing the security and economic situation in the country, and the United States is working to turn Iraq into an arena military” to benefit his security and the security of Israel, he said.

He called for the United States to withdraw its bases and soldiers to stabilize Iraq.

The Iraqi government has condemned the American attack on Babylon, saying it occurred without its knowledge and considers it a “clear violation of sovereignty.”

The press office of Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani published a statement confirming that the government is dealing with the matter and considers it “a dangerous escalation with an unacceptable violation of Iraqi sovereignty, to which we are committed at all times.” circumstance to counter”. preserve, preserve and defend.”

Mohie added: “We the people have the right, in accordance with international law, to confront any occupier, whoever they may be, regardless of the consequences that will arise from this confrontation.”

The Popular Mobilization Forces condemned the American bombing and said in a statement: “We affirm our strong condemnation and denunciation of this hostile act.” The Popular Mobilization Forces confirm their full and complete commitment to the directives of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to describe them as part of the security, military and defense system of Iraq and will not hesitate to carry out any tasks in defense of Iraq and of its sovereignty.

The Popular Mobilization Forces brings together armed factions, mostly Shiites, which were formed under a law passed by the Iraqi parliament in 2014 to fight ISIS, and included in its ranks groups affiliated with the majority of Shiite parties supported by Iran , who fought in Syria.

The spokesman for the Hezbollah Brigades said: “We are not part of the Popular Mobilization Forces, we are part of the resistance, and targeting the Popular Mobilization Forces means targeting Iraqi sovereignty, and resistance to the American occupation is not limited to nobody”.

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