Dr. Beck’s Latest Obsession Movie on TV Today: Plot and Cast

Exciting Saturday night on Rai 2 with a thriller Dr. Beck’s latest obsession, the fifth chapter of the saga with Eric Roberts as a doctor who always changes his personality and ends up torturing a woman. The story of a wanted psychopath doctor is airing today Saturday, August 12, 2023 on Rai 2 and streaming on RaiPlay part of the TV movie cycle In yellow sign.

the saga of Dr. Beck

Haunted by my doctor is the original title of the TV movie that started the 2015 saga of Dr. Beck, played by Eric Roberts. Endless Obsession is the title with which he introduced himself in Italy, again on Rai 2. In the center is the story of a doctor obsessed with his teenage patient. V 2016 the second film “Return” is released in which a runaway doctor becomes obsessed with a girl he saves from drowning. In 2018, the sides switch places and, after being found not guilty, Dr. Beck reinvents himself as a teacher, but one of his victims is determined to get revenge. V 2019 is coming Nightmare Fragments in which Beck assumes the identity of another doctor and begins working at a sleep clinic.

Dr. Beck’s Final Obsession: Movie Plot on TV Tonight

Fifth movie Dr. Beck’s latest obsession from 2021 and will arrive in Italy this Saturday evening, August 12, 2023, in the Nel Segno del Giallo cycle. The link disappears from the original title. Haunted by my doctor while the title of the Lifetime TV movie produced by A+E Studios is Just what Dr. Odrered. In this film, a psychopathic surgeon manages to escape from a mental hospital where he is being held and hospitalized by setting a fire. Running away, he hides in an empty house, where he remains until the arrival of new tenants: Maggie’s widowed mother with her eighteen-year-old daughter. Beck hides in the attic and starts spying on two women, his favorite prey. In particular, he is obsessed with Alexa, who also has heart problems.


As mentioned earlier, the protagonist of Dr. Beck’s Final Obsession as Beck – Eric Roberts.. In the cast of the film directed by Jeff Hare, we find Grace Patterson as Alexa, a girl the doctor becomes obsessed with during Carrie Schroeder This is Maggie’s mom. Next to them in plaster we find Brandon Tyler Moore who plays Scott, Adrian Eppley is Gail Matthews and Michael Rubino is Dr. Carlisle. Also in the cast, Eliza Roberts, Eric’s wife, plays the role of a nurse.

clan robert

Eric and Eliza Roberts have been married since 1992. She previously had two sons with James Simons and a daughter. Emma Robertsnote for American Horror Story AND scream queens with Kelly Cunningham. Apparently, he is the older brother of Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillian, also an actress.

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