Dragon Age’s chief screenwriter believes that the essence of Mass Effect would not be reflected in a series

BioWare games stand out for the personalization of the character and his story, which complicates his adaptation.

Recently, the Mass Effect community got excited about Amazon Studios’ intention to create a series of the franchise, although these kinds of moves also cause doubts in a good part of the players. Now, the chief scriptwriter of Dragon Age joins the latter group and begins to see difficulties in this possible adaptation, as he considers that would not reflect the essence of the games.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a customizable protagonistDavid gaierDavid Gaier, narrative designer behind works such as Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition, has expressed these doubts in your Twitter account, where you have written a long thread listing complications around the idea of ​​Amazon. At the end of the day, the professional finds potholes difficult to solve such as that “Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a customizable protagonist. Which means that a TV series would need to choose whether this protagonist will be a man or a woman. “Something that, from his perspective, already breaks with much of the experience of the titles.

This is also perceived in the story, since Gaier considers that the personality, character and direction of the protagonist the players mark it, while the Amazon project will have to present something already established. However, he does not believe that the series is doomed to failure, as he can think of several ways to take adaptation further and move away from the history of the games themselves to enter the narrative lines of their universe.

Despite all the reactions around the Mass Effect series, it should be remembered that Amazon Studios has not closed the necessary agreement to give the project the green light, so there is still a lot of time to see how this idea develops, if it ever succeeds. However, in the field of video games we do have concrete confirmationsWell, the next Dragon Age 4 will not have David Gaier as a scriptwriter, but from BioWare they assure that they are making great progress. Which does not stop generating doubts among the community, because after losing its creative director, data has started to come out that places it only in the new generation of consoles.

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