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Why hadn’t we noticed it before? One of the most popular actors in the MCU could be the perfect choice to play Goku in a live-action. We will tell you who it is!

Dragon Ball Z It has been a worldwide phenomenon for decades. Repeatedly, as fans, we have enjoyed seeing and speculate who could perfectly interpret the different characters of the universe created by Akira Toriyama: Henry Cavill would look unrecognizable as Super Saiyan, while The Rock would be the perfect villain for Dragon Ball Z.

The impact of this manga has not only had an impact on television or cinema (like that ill-fated live-action adaptation in Dragonball Evolution that disappointed more than one), but fans have even taken the bull by the horns, offering web series that pay tribute as it should to the original material, an example of this was Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, in 2017.

The fanaticism for this universe will never disappear (it has been demonstrated generation after generation) and, recently, A Brazilian visual artist has found the perfect representative of Goku in live-action in an actor recently added to the MCU: Simu Liu, actor born in China and based in Canada, where he became a model of stock photographs that went viral after the premiere of a Disney production.

Henry Cavill looks unrecognizable as a Super Saiyan

Simu Liu played Shang Chi in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, a Marvel film, which received rave reviews from the media and fans. Although, yes, its post-credits scene and those of other Marvel Studios productions, are becoming a possible problem for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the publication, the artist Samukarts accompanied his publication with the message “THE SAME ENERGY 🐲💙Today I saw Shang-Chi again, this time in IMAX and the reference it has with Dragon Ball is undeniable 😁 Wonderful movie that is worth every second. One of the best in MCU for me ❤”, and the truth is that we cannot deny the cunning of Samukarts: Simu Liu would be a great Goku in live-action!

‘Dragon Ball Z’: The anime that marked your childhood returns to Channel 5

The attempts of the fans of the manga to have a dignified representation on the big screen have been enormous. In May of this year a new production appeared on the internet with the title Dragon Ball Movie: The Last Stand (no, it has nothing to do with The Kissing Stand).

Simu Liu said he no longer paid attention to opinions that pointed out that he was too ugly to play the superhero Shang-Chi.

The idea was to show what an action movie inspired by the history of the series could look like. Who did you want me to play Goku back then? Nothing was certain, but in an interview, actor Dylan O’Brien (whom we saw in Taylor Swift’s short film All Too Well, opposite Sadie Sink) He confessed that he would be delighted to be chosen for the live-action.

For now, nothing is certain with the universe of Goku, we only know that the anime you loved since your childhood is available again in the transmission of Channel 5, broadcast TV signal in Mexico. Do you have any other candidates to play this iconic character or do you like the idea of ​​seeing Simu Liu playing him?

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