Drake gives Hermès Birkin to a fan in the front row: video

fan Drake, Attention. If you go to one of his concerts, you may find yourself with an unexpected gift… As one $30,000 Hermès Birkin. This is no joke: it really happened to a disbelieving fan during the rapper’s concert in Los Angeles.

The rapper’s passion for designer bags

This Drake designer bag lover known: his collections would be the envy of the Kardashian sisters and Paris Hilton, as he said in an interview with the publication Hollywood Reporters in 2017. And there in the bag this is par excellence one of his favorite models: at his villa in Toronto he also has one Birkin Himalayasvery valuable copy. In addition, his notorious generosity is well known to his fans. Proof of this once again when their idol decided to pay homage to a member of the public with the iconic Hermès bag.

Drake gives a fan a Birkin watch

Drake scanned the crowd, looking for a lucky fan who would donate a pink model’s precious $30,000 handbag. He then ordered the bodyguards to create a passage to get there safely. Birkins new happy owner. In a video that went viral on TikTok, the entire scene was immortalized and the clip went viral all over the world. “Drake is not cheap!” the rapper shouted to the audience. “Hey, make sure you have security with you when you leave…” she advised the girl in the front row, to whom she gave her purse.

Generous and thoughtful…


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