Seeing the bra thrown onto the stage again at his New York concert on the It’s All A Blur tour, Drake looked startled and couldn’t help but notice the simple yet significant detail. After reading the label applied to the object to determine its size, the singer commented to the audience “36 L? How many letters can you get? L? What will happen next? ABCDEFGHJKL?

There is another one here, but we will talk about it later. This is crazy, this cannot be, – the artist continued ironically, referring to other items of underwear that are always launched on his stage, – whose is it? It’s 42H.”

While bras thrown onto the stage by rock stars are now common knowledge, what’s been happening lately is a different cast. In addition to the cheerfulness and admiration of the singer or group, the phenomenon of throwing objects is becoming more and more rampant, and in some cases even dangerous. From the phone thrown in Bebe Rexha’s face, to the recent booze hit by Cardi B, who decided to get tough.

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