Drake is the buyer of Tupac’s ring, bought at Sotheby’s for more than $1 million.

Courtesy of Sotheby's.
Courtesy of Sotheby’s.
From one rap star to another. Ring What Tupac Shakur which he wore during his last public appearance was sold at auction Hip-hop From Sotheby’s in New York for $1.02 millionmore than three times the maximum estimate of $300,000. Drake he showed that he was the one who bought it

Drake confirmed that he was a mystery shopper for the ring by posting a story on Instagram. Sotheby’s, the auction house that sold the jewel, has confirmed that the Grammy-winning rapper is the new owner of the crown ring.

Tupac designed the ring himself in 1996 to celebrate his contract with Death Row Records and his release on bail from a New York penitentiary.

The precious stone, made in the form of the crowns of medieval rulers, clearly underlines the attempt at self-marriage. Even the choice of the ruby ​​fits into this narrative context, as it has long been the favorite stone of the monarchy. The inscription Pac & Dada 1996 on the ring on the side of the strap, facing the palm, commemorates the engagement to Kidada Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton and sister of actress Rashida Jones.

For Tupac, this was to be a new beginning, the dawn of a happier era. Instead, shortly thereafter, he would have been the victim of a shootout in which he would have died, which remains shrouded in mystery to this day. In any case, the artist managed to put on the ring, putting it on the ring finger of his left hand, during his last public performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, a few days before his death.

He was introduced to the auction by Jaasmine Fula, the late rapper’s godmother and trusted advisor. According to Sotheby’s, the sale of the ring was the most valuable hip-hop artifact ever sold at auction, as well as the only one to exceed $1 million.

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