Tupac’s ring “specially ordered by the rapper and worn during his last public performance before his death” was auctioned this week. Composed of gold, diamonds and rubies, despite a starting valuation of around $300,000, the ring was sold for more than a million dollars by Sotheby’s in New York and defined as “the most valuable hip-hop artifact of all time.” Sold at auction.

In an Instagram story posted yesterday, Friday, July 28, also reported by TMZ, rapper Drake showed off the famous ring, adding no details other than announcing the release of Utopia, Travis Scott’s new album he collaborated with song “Meltdown”.
Drake is known to be such a fan of Tupac that last year he was Drake’s most followed artist on Spotify. Drake’s respect for Tupac is obvious, but it goes beyond the music: in fact, in 2020, the rapper would already buy a double set of gold and diamond pendants depicting the face of his deceased colleague, worth $300,000 each.

(📸 Sotheby’s)

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