Drake Targets Farrell and Pusha T in Travis Scott’s MELTDOWN

Drake became the topic of conversation on Friday after collaborating with Travis Scott on fourth studio album La Flame Utopia. So social media came to life when Drake threw punches at Pusha T and Pharrell on the track “MELTDOWN”.

Indeed, Drake was scathing about Farrell’s new position as menswear creative director at Louis Vuitton, held by the late Virgil Abloh, a friend of the OVO commander. “Dude, whatever the story is, I’m melting down the chains I bought from your boss,” Drake says in the second half of his verse, touching lightly on Pushy’s relationship with Farrell. “I don’t care about all this legacy shit/ Since V left, the members hung Luis/ They don’t even wear that shit.”

While promoting his album Her Loss with 21 Savage earlier this year, Drake also showcased accessories that once belonged to Pharrell in the video for “Jumbotron Shit Poppin”. From the iconic NERD brain pendant to the iconic skateboard chain, Drake showcased most of P.’s pieces sold at Joopiter last year.

In 2022, Joopiter — Farrell’s premier global auction house and content platform — showcased several pieces worn by the Virginia powerhouse, including a pair of bejeweled Oakley glasses in a pop-up window in New York City. Later, in “MELTDOWN”, Drake continues his verbal assault as he raps, “You’re lucky Vogue sued you / ‘Cause I was going to be with Wassas in Paris and st.

In June, Farrell held his first Louis Vuitton fashion show in the French capital, where Jay-Z, LeBron James and others supported his endeavor. Also in attendance was Pusha T, who performed a new track aimed at Jim Jones, a staunch supporter of Drake. Drake and 21 settled with Vogue earlier this year after using a fake cover to promote their Her Loss album last November.

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