Drake’s best and worst records

After all these years at the top, Drake still embodies the yin and yang of hip-hop. He is a true musical visionary. And what a story it is: the film stars a child actor from Toronto named Aubrey Graham. Degrassi: The Next Generation, but then his career as a rapper led him to mentor Lil Wayne’s Young Money team. Drake is a successful pop heartthrob who transforms into a rap warrior, bringing more feeling to every bar than anyone else while showcasing emo vulnerability and tough guy swagger (not to mention his dancing).

Drake is the king of the streaming economy, a man who refuses to learn how to manage his personal life or edit his damn albums. He is the Canadian Jewish sage who speaks most poetically about sex since Leonard Cohen. In anticipation of his album, here’s a countdown that ranks his entire discography from worst album to best.


Room for improvement


The debut mixtape has a self-deprecating title. Was Drake joking or just trying to lower expectations? He had room for improvement and was still learning how to rap. Video Girl this is his first potential pop hit, and Try it’s a taste of his more mature style. “Sometimes I feel like Lohan and Hilary Duff are the only ones who understand what I’m going to say in this song”: wow, a rapper who has the courage to start a song like this must have something special.

Only Drake was able to play the comeback card with a second mixtape. IN Comeback season moves from aggressive rap to self-deprecating pop, as in Asthma Teamwhen he yells, “Stop acting like little girls are my only market.” Comeback season it is his most alternative album, clearly influenced by underground artists such as Slum Village. Here he duets with Phonte from Little Brother Think good thoughtson a Drake-style sample, Sweet love Anita Baker.

This is an album born out of a collaboration with 21 Savage following their hit song. Jimmy Cooks. Yet the energy that moves along the Atlanta-Toronto axis isn’t properly explored on the album, with Drake’s voice sounding strained and 21 remaining relegated to a supporting role. There are interesting points, for example Devious Twins AND Rich Flexbut the record is not as fun as the Drake and Future mixtape What a time to be alive or how Honestly, it doesn’t matter a few months earlier.


Dark Lane demos


With the music industry grinding to a halt due to the pandemic, Drizzy has filled the void with a series of sketches, experiments and SoundCloud leaks. Dark Lane demos do not compare with his albums (there was still a year left before the album was released). Certified Lover Boy), but it still showcases Drake’s musical genius. The top is Pain 1993his children’s duet with Playboi Carti. Demons all about training in Brooklyn with Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek, and War This is a drill made in the UK using AXL Beats. WITH D4L dives into the sounds of Atlanta with collaborations with Young Thug, Future and Southside. And with Toozi slide Drake proves once again that he knows how to start a dance trend on TikTok.

The official debut of a new pop phenomenon, not yet the emotionally damaged artist he would soon become. Thank you later it was a showcase of caliber hits The best thing I’ve ever had. It sounded good on the radio: in the boring Top 40 of 2009, everyone except the Black Eyed Peas was a breath of fresh air. Drake then goes deeper with songs like Karaoke, Resistance AND Shut it down. It’s still shocking to hear him paired with Lil Wayne: Lil Weezy Ana (Louisiana, birthplace of Lil Wayneno date) is on paper a long way from Drake’s Toronto, but the two seem to come from the same place.

A very varied double album, but strangely disappointing despite the number of hits it contains. When he came out Views, Hotline was already a classic, but it clearly outshone the other 19 songs on the tracklist. Today Views it’s more like a dress rehearsal for a global pop explosion More life AND Scorpion. The sound remains typical of Drake, too caught up in his club nights, holed up at home with his ’70s Miami soul vinyls, all scratched up, and missing that girl who wears little and goes out a lot.


What a time to be alive


The collaboration with Future is a great hack: light-hearted and throwaway, but in a good way. It only took them six days to make it in the studio, but it seems the budget also included a little extra time to stay late at strip clubs, ending up face down in a puddle of alcohol, pills, regrets and shame. Drake was very excited: he had just released If you’re reading this, it’s already too late., and then destroyed Meek Mill in one of the greatest rap battles of the century. And the future came from DS2. Both were even more arrogant than usual and it showed. Especially when Drake shows up. 30 to 30 freestyle AND Jumpmanwhich inspired a memorable Taylor Swift parody.

The closest thing to a stand-up comedy album is Drake, and it explains why Certified Lover Boy this has always caused controversy. But everything from the cover depends on how much you enjoy Drake’s humor at its most self-deprecating. Girls like girls, damn fanstribute to Wright Said Fred Way 2 sexy… help! linsert Michelle The Beatles’ Chipmunk version Champagne Poetry it’s a very light-hearted moment worthy of McKee. No joke is too obvious for certified lover and that is why many people appreciate it. It’s a shame Rodney Dangerfield didn’t live to see the feature film.

What exactly is this 22-song “playlist”? Album? Mixtape? Lifestyle? WITH More life Drake makes his big statement in hip-hop and yacht-pop: his dad on the cover looks a lot like Ron Burgundy, complete with pipe and mustache. More life it was ahead of its time and, in fact, sounds better and better every year. This is a magnificent journey full of tropical rhythms: from Jamaican dance hall to Blem in a South African home Get together. passion fruit it’s an ’80s disco song, but it’s her mother’s voicemail that gets the attention: “You know, honey, I’m a little worried about the negative tone I’m hearing in your voice these days.”

This collection contains songs released by Drake from 2010 to 2016, including some of his best songs. Paris Morton in 2010 it was a turning point, showing us his boredom chic with lines like “I talk smarter than an Augusta pimp.” Darling Jodeci Freestyleduet with J. Cole, released on SoundCloud in 2013, pays homage to the R&B giants of the ’90s (there’s another big tribute to Jodeci in How about now). IN Girls love Beyoncé bows to the queen on a loop Say my name: Drake raps about Bey and reflects on why he can’t do better by representing the real prototype.Lemonade. And he makes a touching confession: “I need someone to walk out the front door with.”

Drake is a great pop artist because he is a big fan of pop music, always looking for new beats, new sounds, new styles. The producer is the legend of the South African house Black Coffee. Honestly, it doesn’t matter this is his most diverse album yet. He mixes styles like Baltimore Club and Jersey Club, as well as Ghana with Atlanta and lo-fi house with angst. Massive it’s an enthusiastic play though Texts turn green is a classic Drake diary chronicle of unhappiness (“I can’t even remember when we missed each other / Was it last year? This year? Another one?”: try to focus, man). “I left a long time ago,” says the boy, who has never moved in his life.

It was this mixtape that put him on the map as a rapper and also introduced us to his trusty producer Noah “40” Shebib. Ustatlantavegas helped create the enigma of Drake: introspective, sad, but also mean, a bad guy and self-defeating. In other words, this is a very accurate description of the Drake the world will come to know and love.

A double album that comes as a surprise and reveals the passions and pain of Aubrey J. The titles reflect her mood: in my feelings, I’m sad, Exhausted, Emotionless. As is usually the case with Drake, people complained that maybe it was too much, but when it comes to this guy, it’s too much. God’s plan it topped the Hot 100 for 11 weeks before being replaced nice for what, which remained at the top for eight years. Drake then took first place again with in my feelings, which remained at the top for ten weeks. There are many wonderful moments: Summer Games this is 80’s new wave synth pop, and Good for what mixes a New Orleans groove with a vintage Lauryn Hill soul chorus. And when Drake takes Pusha T’s bait and brings up the subject of fatherhood, he turns defeat into victory (or at least truth) as only he can.


If you’re reading this, it’s already too late.


The last thing anyone expected in early 2015 was Drake releasing a pure rap mixtape with rants like 10 groups And Energy (although he announced If you’re reading this, it’s already too late. calling it a rough street mixtape, the album was still a success: the only one to sell a million copies in 2015). Here the rapper is complaining left and right. He complains about groupies: “I have whores here asking me for my Wi-Fi password.” He’s outraged that the fan’s father didn’t send him a thank-you note for the Christmas gift. He even complains that he has to accompany his girlfriend to take the qualifying exam during a snowfall. He’s angry because it’s snowing in Toronto: This is Drake at his best.


Nothing was ever the same


His most representative album, the one that takes his every mood to the extreme. Emotionally, Drake goes from 0 to 100 in an instant, reaching new heights with his R&B success. Hold on, we’re coming homeslow jam Quiet Storm featuring Majid Jordan. Started from the bottom AND Tuscan leather are hits while Wu-Tang forever represents the romantic side of the album. Disgusting behavior This is Drake’s most difficult moment. Who else could get away with saying something like “Bar Mitzvah money, just like my last name, Mordecai”? Nothing was ever the same it’s his most concise album, perhaps the last moment in history when Drake, for commercial reasons, still had an incentive to hold back.

Drake’s big creative breakthrough, which in November 2011 established him as a rapper capable of juggling the streets, clubs and disastrous drunken late-night phone calls, without sacrificing anything of himself. IN Headings AND Motto adopts hip-hop’s braggadocious approach (“Hanging hard in clubs, fucking women, it’s nothing special”: yeah). But when the party ends it starts with Marvin’s room, the ultimate late-night confession on loneliness. Here’s a typical Drake regret: “I had sex four times this week, I’m telling you / I’m struggling to get used to fame.” Guests include Birdman, Kendrick, Nicki Minaj and Drake’s grandmother. The duet with Rihanna, which gives the album its title, carries a certain erotic tension. A few years later, Drake would come to the VMAs and then give a speech about his unrequited love for Rihanna, during which she would just roll her eyes. It was all already inside Take care.

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