Draw Martinez made a crucial move in Lionel Messi’s brilliant free-kick goal that hurt the opposition goalkeeper

this argentina national team Taking the first step in the qualifiers 1-0 win over Ecuador at Monument Stadium.The person in charge of opening the account is Lionel Messi A wonderful free-kick goal that amazed everyone.However, the Argentine star special help from Emiliano MartinezWho revealed it after the game?.

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Because of Deebu Martinez’s personality, he pays attention to all details. The former Independiente player has taken on a leadership role in the team, just like he did at Aston Villa. One of the points where it has the biggest impact is on free throws: Provides Argentinian players with space to obscure the opposing goalkeeper’s view.

Dib Martinez played a key role in Messi’s free-kick goal against Ecuador. (Video: @TyCSports) (Photo: AFP)

He used this move again against Ecuador and gave Rio a helping hand as the Ecuadorian goalkeeper didn’t even jump to try and make the save.He recalled the situation at a press conference after the game and said He made a special request to Messi. “Let’s see if he gives this shirt to someone else now”” he said with a smile.

The truth is, Dib’s admiration for Messi is immense and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to show it. With this great goal, this feeling becomes a little bit more.

Lionel Messi’s brilliant goal against Ecuador

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