Draw posed with his new FIFA 22 card but he didn’t like something …

Better late than never … This Thursday, Emiliano Martínez thanked EA Sports for choosing him within last week’s FIFA 22 team. Draw was distinguished with a new card in Ultimate Team mode, the most popular in the video game. A new version was won for his high level with the Selection in the Qualifiers towards Qatar: he kept the fence undefeated against Uruguay and Brazil.

The new letter from Dibujos Martínez.

The new letter from Dibujos Martínez.

The Aston Villa footballer’s card has an average attribute score of 86 points (the maximum is 99). While its base version is 84, it shows several improvements. One of its strengths is the reflexes, which were rated 87, as well as the stretched one that has the same score.

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“Thank you EA Sports for the FIFA card. What do you think of my numbers?”, The Argentine started his post of thanks on Instagram. Although right away He made a small complaint about something he did not like very much about his letter. “60 speed?”He added and added a disgusted emoji.

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Despite the fact that he did not like the assessment of speed, It is worth clarifying that 60 is not bad for an archer, which tend to have very low scores on that attribute. In fact, Martínez is fourth fastest in his position in the Premier League. It only has three points less speed than Ederson, Manchester City, which is the top with 64.


After the presence of Dibujos Martínez in the team of the week nine of FIFA 22, in ten there is a triple Argentine presence. And with Lionel messi to the head! Yes, the Flea had its first In Form card, as these versions of the players are called, so far this year. He has an average of 94 points and stands out for his incredible dribbling (96), shooting (93) and passing (92).

Messi, in the new team of the week.

Messi, in the new team of the week.

In addition to Leo, they were also featured Sebastian White, from Portland Timbers, who hit a card of 81 points on average. The same assessment was for Emiliano Vecchio, who made a double for Central with Atlético Tucumán for the Professional League.

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