Dream team…this is not

CWhen you are always expected to win, if the opposite happens, it will almost certainly be considered a failure. It has nothing to do with conditions. therefore, There’s no other way to describe Team USA’s fourth-place finish at the 2023 World Cup. A young team without stars but filled with NBA players on a mission to reconquer. Canada held them back with a historic score (118-127).

Shea throws to Bridges.

Video of bronze medal game will go down in history. The U.S. came out without much intention, while Canada dominated most of the game. The genius of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander along with the best of Dillon Brooks started a game…and Mikal Bridges’ historic performance ruined it. Missed a free throw, got a rebound (it shouldn’t have gone up), and dropped a three in the last second. However, this extension elevated Canada’s standing with the majestic Shai.

We have to work hard to learn how to win FIBA ​​games

Steve Kerr

The look on Team USA’s face after the loss said it all. Disappointed. From head coach Steve Kerr’s comment after the semifinal loss to Germany that “this is not 1992” to “we have to work hard to learn how to win games in FIBA.” We studied everything about FIBA ​​and the history of Team USA winning the championship. After losing the bronze medal he commented: “What’s the reason?” It’s a crisis.

The United States withdraws from the battlefield.

They broke their own history

Team USA leaves Manila with three losses: Lithuania, Germany and Canada. And for the second consecutive World Cup there were no medals. The failure of the 2019 China competition, the championship from less to more at the Mall of Asia Arena. His characteristics on the court are obvious, with high energy and strong transition ability, but he gets lost between too many one-on-ones and a lack of defense. At the crucial moment.

So far, this has only happened once. At the 1967 (Soviet Championship) and 1970 (Yugoslavia Gold Medal) World Cups, The Stars and Stripes were clearly far from the best team, finishing fourth and fifth at the World Cup. This is the third time this century that the World Cup has ended this way (2002, 2019 and 2023). In fact, it was a historic insult.


A message from LeBron James.

In effect, the “Dream Team” was forced to return to the Olympics and reclaim the throne that had been theirs since the birth of the sport. The first rumors emerged after the semi-final loss to Germany. Even LeBron James, who has been away from the team for ten years, added fuel to the fire When the first “roster” pool appeared on the scene, some eyes were left.

The Paris Olympics will be his chance for revenge. Curry has been showing interest, and Kevin Durant is a regular resource and a key part of the 12-man gold-medal-winning team at the Tokyo Olympics. – and none of them traveled to Manila – could form a team to seize the throne. “The NBA is very different from FIBA. Certain things in FIBA ​​will be beneficial in the NBA. And vice versa. But it’s a long conversation. There’s a lot to learn,” Steve Kerr concluded .

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