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Dream weekend! Kris Jenner enjoyed an exclusive event in Venice

USA. – Kris jenner is enjoying some beautiful summer days in the Italian city of Venice. It seems that the matriarch of the Kardashian / Jenner has been invited by the prestigious brand “Dolce and Gabbana” to attend one of their parades. In his Instagram account he has shared small parts of the fashion show, which shows a great artistic display.

Kris was in charge of showing a good part of the new collection of the aforementioned clothing house. Most of the pieces focus on jewelry as the centerpiece in dress models, these end up being very similar to vintage designs. As part of the whole show, some dancers dressed as members of the aristocracy in the times of baroque.

One of the celebrities invited to participate in the great show was the actress and singer Jennifer hudson. She had a small part where she had to musicalize some of the past of the evening. Kris jenner was commissioned to take a picture of her in a beautiful golden dress. Which is estimated to belong to the new collection inspired by the old European courts.

Kris jenner She was not far behind in terms of wardrobe, as she dazzled wearing a black dress from the famous firm. This one also had some details with silver stones, to which was added a beautiful necklace with precious stones. All those attending the exclusive event were set in the aforementioned period, but with some details of current fashion.

It seems that the weekend of the Kardashian mother was the most entertaining. Now he is in charge of leaving several videos that show the beautiful experience, which at times seems like a trip back in time. The prestigious fashion line has managed to combine two totally different eras with the greatest of successes.

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