Drew Barrymore cries before the complications of working while attending and educates her two daughters


For actress Drew Barrymore has not been easy to assimilate the challenges of being in quarantine, caring for their two small daughters, and driving their business.

In an interview with Today’s Savannah Guthrie, the artist confessed that the first week of this period of isolation was “paralyzed”, without wanting to turn your attention on social networks, while looking for a way to keep entertaining their daughters Olive (7) and Frankie (5).

Barrymore said that he sought to establish a routine for the girls, which included various types of entertainment and when I felt I was dominating it all was the floor because it started to assist them with the tasks of the school.

“I cried all the time”confessed the actress. “I did not think that I had to appreciate the teachers even more“, he added.

In moments of fear and uncertainty, Barrymore found a respite in the quiet of the writing.

“Find the way (of dealing). We are resilient,” he said.