Drew Barrymore defends himself before his daughter in the care of the pelvic floor


Some time ago Drew Barrymore changed its lifestyle full. After having her two daughters, the actress has admitted on more than one occasion that his body has not returned to be the same. “People don’t talk about that when you have children everything goes down, nothing is returned to its original site. After the pregnancy do not you have returned to your ‘old’ body, but that you are working on a new one,” acknowledged in an interview. Seven years have passed since you gave birth to her first daughter, and five of the second, and in all this time, the protagonist of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ has wanted to give a starring role to your well-being staff to recover and get back to feeling herself.

The key to achieving this has been to work your core and your pelvic floor. So has admitted it Drew Barrymore in a recent publication in his profile of Instagram. Lying down on a mat and with her daughter sitting on top of his abdomen, the actress tells in a playful tone the importance of the woman to take care of this part of the body at any age and in any circumstance. “Don’t get me wrong, sweetie, my core before I met you, it was not well” with these words begins his conversation Drew with his daughter. “It’s not like, ‘wow, I had this incredible body, and then I had children.’ I never had a core and pelvic floor strong.”

In fact, Drew Barrymore she explains to her daughter in the video that really did not know how was your pelvic floor. “That is why I am getting help now”. And that is, increasingly more celebrities are serving speaker to end the taboo and the confusion still there in the feminine society about the care of the pelvic floor, a fundamental pillar for health and well-being of the woman. Without going more far, the tv presenter Adriana Abenia has a favorite exercise to work the glutes and pelvic floor at the same time, and makes little Cristina Pedroche he taught the two systems that combined with exercise to strengthen this part of your body.

Work the pelvic floor is not only exclusive of women who have given birth, or who have entered menopause, it is important to strengthen the system to prevent any health problems later. And that is precisely what Drew Barrymore wanted to instill in their daughters from a very early. If children have to learn these things at some point, what is better than your own mother whom you teach.

The actress is using the method Emsculptthe same treatment used by Chiara Ferragni to sculpt your buttocks. It is a machine non-invasive, which emits small electric shocks are applied to the muscle, making it contract. Drew Barrymore she has helped a lot to strengthen the muscles of the core and pelvic flooralthough he reminds his followers that every person is a world and each one must discover the method that suits you.

If you’ve proposed provide the attention you deserve to your pelvic floor, you should know that there are many methods that exist today to strengthen it. Kegel exercises, chinese balls, or even there are shorts that work for you the muscles in the central area of your body, but you can also learn more detail and to seek professional consultation in the platform On the Ground, completely dedicated to the pelvic floor.