Drew Barrymore is suffering from the confinement by the quarantine it can do no more!


Drew Barrymore he confessed that the running of the bulls because of the quarantine by coronavirus has begun to hinder your family life and your role as a mother, as the situation is not as simple as expected.

Drew Barrymore is suffering from the confinement by the quarantine it can do no more!

The Instagram of Drew Barrymore

The actress of 45 years of age and a mother of two girls revealed that he expected the quarantine pandemic coronavirus it would be like to vacation with their daughters for a few days, but it has been discovered that should cover the roles of mother, teacher, caregiver and many more.

  • “I tried to find a routine with my daughters and ride a bike, ride on car, games. And then started school and it all went out the window […] Cried every day, throughout the day and it was the most confusing of my entire life. To be a teacher, parent, discipline, be a caregiver”.

Drew Barrymore is the mother of two daughters, Olive, 7 years, and Frankie, 5 years old, whose care were much more simple when I didn’t have to cover the work of a teacher for indefinite period of time, now that the united States has become the epicenter of the pandemic.

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Drew Barrymore does not support the quarantine

Like Drew Barrymore, thousands of mothers in the united States (and soon in Mexico) must occupy the role of teachers of their children due to the contingency by coronaviruses, but the actress reveals that it is a titanic work.

  • “I thought, my God, and the teachers have children. Can survive because they can go and work with other children? I didn’t think I needed to respect and appreciate teachers more than I already did.”

However, Drew Barrymore attempted to provide some comfort to other parents in your same situation, since it ensures that the situation becomes easier when you accept that “there are good hours and bad”, and with the time you manage to adapt.