Drew Barrymore lose 12 kilos in three months and sends a message of superacin


Updated 26/12/2018 17:32

“I’m not pregnant, I’m fat” as answer Drew Barrymore to a reporter some months ago, tired of the constant references to his weight gain. Now, the actress has recovered his good form thanks to a balanced diet and the coach Marnie Alton. Ms that for static, had in an interview has decided to lose weight (12 pounds) to improve your health. And considerndose “happily imperfect”, thus sharing your routine for slimming has used the network to launch the campaign #TheWayItLooksUs in the one that shows the side less glamorous than Hollywood, and denounces the press addresses of the film industry.

Through several images that show the before and after of your great loss of weightactress Drew Barrymore has gone viral on Instagram. How has it achieved? “Takes a lot of work: diet, exercise, and fight like a lioness”, type in one of their posts the protagonist of Santa Clarita Diet.

The habit of daily exercise physical has been essential in the change of Barrymore, and part of the blame has been her coach, Marnie Altonwith quin has learned to understand the sport as a powerful tool for feeling better. Despite ensure that love your body exactly how it is ( despite their “cursed predisposition”) the interpreter is celebrating “now have the control of being what you want.”

Through the hastag #TheWayItLooksUs, the actress has also wished to reflect on the slavery of social networksby doing hincapi in the image that we show in them (ms w when you belong to the stardom of Hollywood) does not always matches the reality. “What I cannot hide is that some days are difficult and not as pretty… And I realize that I’m lucky to be able to solve my problems, and my gratitude never ends. Sometimes life can get and throw you down in a minute. But we cry and then we get up and put one foot in front of the other…”, type in one of your photos. In another publication claimed to feel just as beautiful after a session of make-up as “after a sweaty workout”.

In the field ms staff, has also chosen to use his campaign to refer to his recent divorce from Will Kopelman using two photos, one on the red carpet alluding to the typical happy ending and the other walking their daughters. “Will and I continue to amazed with what we did and try to be the best parents. It is not always easy, nothing in life is. But that does not mean that what is bitter in excess of what sweet!”, enter the protagonist of ET. We signed up to your philosophy positive for the start of 2019.