Drew Barrymore stalker arrested while trying to break into his Southampton estate

Alleged stalker Drew Barrymore arrested. The man tried to break into the actress’s house in Southampton, but before that he appeared at the event, attracting her attention and frightening her. Investigations are underway.

He was arrested Chad Michael Bast a person who, according to the New York Post, is alleged to be the stalker Drew Barrymore. In fact, the investigation against the man was launched after several episodes that jeopardized the safety of the actress. According to a TMZ report, he would have been arrested as he was about to enter the diva’s home in Southampton.

Alleged stalker arrested by police

The bust, according to a TMZ reconstruction, to which the police confirmed that the man was under investigation, would have turned up at the Drew Barrymore farm in the Hamptons, stationed at the entrance and trying to break into the house when he was captured by the police before he could enter the diva’s house. At that moment, fortunately, no one was at home, but the serious thing is that the event took place just two days after another break-in in New York. The ongoing investigation should establish the nature of these disorders or understand whether the man suffers from any mental pathology.

Drew Barrymore scared at the event

According to the New York Post, the man actually introduced himself during an event at which Drew Barrymore intended to interview the singer and actress. Rene Rep at 92NY, Manhattan. In this case, Busto would have made his way through the crowd and, having stepped onto the stage, would have addressed the actress with a cry: “You know who I am, I need to see you.” At first, the diva, believing that it was just a fan who caught her attention when she heard her call, answered in surprise: “Oh my God, yes?”, But soon realized that the situation was taking a different turn than he had imagined. The actress, especially shocked by what happened, immediately left the stage, hiding with the guest behind the scenes of the event. In fact, Busto is known to the police, as he has tried to approach Amber Heard several times in the past.

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