Drew Barrymore was met by the quarantine and their two children: “I Was paralyzed,” | News


Drew Barrymore it is one of the many stars who in these days have had to cope with the care of their young children. Teacher, mother, and psychologist: the multi-tasking that the actress is having to play to take care of Olivethat is seven years old, and Frankiewith five, it is huge to the couple that frustrating.

“When he started school it all went out the window. All the days I cried. It was like all the churches in the State engaged in a. I never imagined that it had to be the teacher, the mother, and to impose discipline. When I thought that the teachers have children… How do they do it?”, said Barrymore in the program Today Show.

He also told of how he lived the first days of quarantine: “I was paralyzed. Did not want to open the media. I opened a blog. I wanted to write,” confessed the actress. “I didn’t know how to act or react. I was afraid to. I knew that writing was a good way of communicating, better than being in the networks social“.

In spite of the hardness of their statementsthe actress seems to be pretty quiet and with a positive mindset, something which he reviewed the own presenter.

“Happiness is a word that struggles all the days and the triumph is to get one of those victories. It is something very disciplinary. Is reaction, energy, the way that you treat people with dignity. I lead an army of optimism and I am looking for recruits. It is not something roll hippiebut this is where I want to direct my compass in the life,” explained Barrymore.

An example of overcoming that, despite the frustration, has not been overwhelmed during the crisis of the COVID-19. Let’s hope it stays that way!