Drilionaire’s new album, 10, is a feat of strength

In the past, artificial intelligence has become a fad for music. We talked about it a few months ago when a feature between The Weeknd and Drake started shooting on TikTok, etc., which was never made in the studio, but thanks to the software. Then again, if a computer can create any combo we can think of, what does it mean? How does it stop?

A quote from Julius Caesar says that if you cannot destroy your enemy, embrace him. Drilnier must be a big fan of the Roman consul because he did just that.

@Chilldays Plakov by Bogdan – Courtesy Press Office

he just left 10, the debut album of former football player producer whom many of you know as Diego! Lazza’s voice, as indicated by his tag, has been one of the most listened-to rap songs of the past year. and its derivatives. Despite the name, there are eleven tracks on the disc, inside are practically all the names that have come to number one in the rankings in recent years.

from football to music

This disc calls for the Drillionaire’s relatively recent past on football fields and all the inspiration is clear from the communication of the tracklist. gazzetta dello sport till the trailer. The aesthetics and tastes are akin to those who grew up between the 90s and 2000s, and even the music choices underline this.

The first, the most obvious, is related to the period in which Nike decided to invest everything in proposing a style of play even before guardialism, playfulness, achievementism existed. It was the era of FIFA Street and the Portland-based company took on Ronaldinho, launched the Total 90 line and announced the birth of the Joga Bonito, which continues to be the beautiful football of our generation.

Even the title track of Drilionaire is an homage to that period, so much so that the very famous soundtrack from that ad is sampled. However, if we’re going to trace this record back to soccer rather than Joga Bonito, we must, taking poetic license, talk about something more recent.

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it’s not just words

This record is a record that seems born to succeed: as mentioned, it has the best names, where names don’t seem to be enough, here we get a re-proposition of songs that hook or make a mistake. Talking about are with our generation. Drilillionaire UK goes beyond the drill sampling and even calls in Noemi as a recognized feature to sing a rendition of one of her biggest hits, Paro Paro, just words, the highest position in Sanremo for Noemi. It’s a record that’s more than artistic ambitions made of back-heels and dramatic strokes – it’s the moments, I think of Thasup. upper Shiva’s specialty – it’s all about intensity and muscularity. If we have to compare it to the way it is played, it would be suffocating gegenpressing, à la Jurgen Klopp, that doesn’t let you breathe for a second and constantly hammers you with pieces you know you’re about to throw. They will end eventually. top spot in the standings.

@Chilldays Plakov by Bogdan – Courtesy Press Office

There are references to current news events, more or less serious: Marrakesh teasing Fedez about Luis’s now famous “Tell the mother, tell the lawyer”, Guay who speaks his own way about Silvio Berlusconi’s death. But above all there are nostalgic references to our past.

Sphera engages in remake of Refrain 50 special By Lunapop, the melody was picked up and updated in a text that for many was just a step down from Bildungsroman. Laza and Anna try their hand at only one thing Satisfaction that our generation knows. So forget the Rolling Stones, Benny Benassi comes in to roll out the musical carpet for a couple who’ve already shown they know how to stay together to the beat and do it well.

An exact remake of the piece by Lunapop seems to be the manifesto of this disc, a disc by a producer who in recent months has inspired – for example – Tony Effe to remake 50 Cent’s G-Unit symbol’s movements. Also coming to repeat in the video.

new stakes

There have been many phases for Italian music, there was a time when the features would be new tracklists, then the actual album, to date the bets that have been made on the albums that come are the drawers of memory that we say are willing to open.

Thus, while the Spotify charts have Rhove – who participates in an unprecedented combo with Geollier on the disc – who remakes I am yoursAchille Lauro who quotes himself assuring his fans that he is about to return to rap, here comes Drillo, with loads of 90’s.

Like a midfielder at Mancini’s Inter: if you can’t win with good play, win it with physique, arrogance, sheer power. You’ll probably still win.

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