Drives the island crazy with songs and a tambourine –

“In the summer that sees the undisputed queen amalfi coast – VIPs and tycoons stormed: from Jeff Bezos To Bernard Arnault AND Heidi Klumand just to name a few – Jennifer Lopez made Capri’s nights shine. A guest at the Quisisana Grand Hotel, he posted videos and photos of his Italian vacation that immediately went viral and no amount of PR could have done better.

Without a husband

In her “reportage” from Campania, the singer cheerfully shows herself alone, without her husband Ben Affleck, with whom she spent a romantic vacation in 2021, a year before the wedding. Accompanied by a group of friends and bodyguards, she goes crazy in a silver sheath dress in Capri at the Anema e Core tavern, a blue island temple of joy founded by Guido Lembo. singing “I will survive” up to the dance “Dove sta Zaza” with a tambourine. Perhaps the masterpiece is the video in which he appears eating spaghetti and ravioli in a small restaurant by the sea, with Oscar-winning relish. “Return to your element,” J. Lo commented. who here in Italy also realized that aperitif can be big businessby launching his personal Delola spray (distributed in the United States, complete with a promotional video right in Amalfi). Of course, the fact that the Bennifers spent at least part of their vacation apart for the first time is already a little moot.

Visiting Florence

The gossip chronicle, now the new social media, documents his visit to Florence with ex-wife Jennifer Garner and three children: Violet Ann, Serafina Rose Elizabeth and Samuel, photographed hugging their father while walking downtown. The actor will come to Tuscany just join your kids and celebrate your 50th birthday (which falls on August 15th). He landed on a private jet at Peretola airport, where he said goodbye to his ex-wife, and then dispersed – and here the absence of Lopez was already noted, seeks to fire up Capri with bets on Positano.

Pilot McCauley of Pearl Harbor Torn between your ex and current wife? “Ben Affleck seems to be in a quandary between the two Jennifers,” he captioned.NewsInternational. J. Lo, 54, does not appear to have appreciated Garner’s (51) criticism of the couple’s excessive exposure on social media. Enough to imagine why they kept their distance. Affleck does not give up and praises both. After all, the parents continued to speak highly of each other over the years: “She’s a terrific person,” he said of Garner. She is an excellent mother. Talent. Someone I admire and remain friends with.” To later praise Lopez live what time fA: “He always has better ideas than me. He helps me in everything, he’s great, he’s by my side, he gives me ideas.” “It’s only a matter of time before these women collide,” she hinted. News —. Ben will play the role of the referee.”. The part that actually seems to be very successful…

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