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Movie Drought Paolo Virzi is undoubtedly the son two years of restrictions and quarantines and from news around us, which are increasingly merging with the best dystopian novels. IN Drought We met a little dystopia and a little truth, a little humor and a little bitterness.

Paolo Virzi is filming this ensemble comedy in September 2022 with an exceptional cast: Valerio Mastandrea, Claudia Pandolfi, Silvio Orlando, Thomas Ragno, Elena Lietti and, icing on the cake, Emanuela Fanelli. There are a lot of storylines and plots, and this sometimes becomes tiring like a binge, and also does not allow all the lines of the narrative to be truly well developed.

What a pity considering that each character Drought deserves your attention.

Drought by Paolo Virzi: plot and analysis

In frame Rome in water crisis In just over a year, several stories have happened: Loris (Mastandrea), a divorced taxi driver who once drove a blue car, struggles with his own ghosts and an inhuman work rhythm; Will (Pandolfi) is a brilliant but tired doctor who suspects a new contagious disease. She unsuccessfully married Luca, a lawyer who consoles himself with a school friend; prof. Del Vecchio (Diego Ribon) is a professional dedicated to the media to uplift the spirits and ensure the safety of the population; Alfredo (Spider) is a former actor who spends time in undress on social networks and does not realize that he has such a crisis with his wife Thousands (Lietti), forced to work in a supermarket with her son; Anthony (Orlando) – a prisoner who now seems to have settled in Rebibbia and by mistake ended up outside its walls; Valerio (Gabriel Montesi) – new bodyguard Rafaella (Fanelli), daughter of the resort owner in Rome is goodwhich is in the eye of the storm because it uses liters of water for spas, while most of the population gets drinking water in installments.

Anyway, I’m going to dig into the rich dish. The themes that we now know from Italian cinema of recent years are all here (decline of the capital, criticism of the bourgeoisie and classismas in Sorrento sauce) and mix with others that span the international scene and resemble the local one. Don’t look up (exploitation of media and information, environmental crisis, generation difference).

How Don’t look up, Drought Paolo Virzi is a photograph picture of societyespecially the Italians and, above all, the Romans, in a moment of natural disaster, ever closer to extinction. Professor Del Vecchio’s character is similar to Mindy DiCaprio’s Doctor.: A simple professor dedicated to his knowledge, transformed by the world of media and performances. So much so that they both allow themselves to be seduced by the good life and privileges, and by a woman who embodies all the values ​​of the upper class (in Drought Monica Bellucci).

Rome is cleverly divided into two spaces in capitalist irritation: a minority lives in the glossy world Great beauty, you can afford as much water as you want and bathe in a hot tub, while the vast majority have access to water dispensed for several hours a day and have a limit on the number of cases purchased. The first group dives into the rooftop pools and enjoys the terraces. on the upper floorsthe second group lives first floordealing with everyday life, dirt and cockroaches.

To the cinema Drought Paolo Virzi arid climate this is also, if desired, metaphor for an empty soul characters: Virzi himself defined them Drought a gallery of equally innocent and guilty characters, a frightened, anxious humanity, struck by the dryness of relationships, sick with vanity, mythomania, anger, which passes through a city with a glorious past, like Rome, collapsing and dying of thirst and sleep».

Reaction to injustice which is offered by television and various influencers including Alfredo (Tommaso Ragno), It’s never anger, it’s diplomacy and acceptance. Everyone must limit themselves and get used to these daily portions of water without protest, for the sake of the common good. In fact, anyone who waters plants or washes a car is singled out by both public opinion and the law, i.e. smart those who ask for a little more water are humiliated, and conditions of extreme sacrifice similar to those described by asylum seeker Sembene are celebrated instead.

How many Drought by Paolo Virzi you can easily search among them flashes of reality in neorealism stylescenario Francesca Archibugi, Paolo Giordano AND Francesco Piccolo it tends to get lost a little and remains a photograph, a suspended reflection, a scene from above, with no real ending.

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