Drug shortage to treat hepatitis C

The Attorney General’s Office asked Health Minister Guillermo Jaramillo to take immediate and effective measures to ensure the availability of the medicines needed to treat the disease. chronic hepatitis C disease.

The decision comes in response to worrying shortage Drugs that impact patients with this high-cost disease Colombia.

he public ministry The Resource Manager of the General Health Social Security System (ADRES) is also asked to continue the procedure for the direct purchase of the drug EPCLUSA, which is essential for the treatment of hepatitis C. ADRES was previously Attorney General’s Office Request Regarding this matter, it is expected to report on the corrective actions it has implemented.

Although the law stipulates that the Ministry of Health and Social Care must pass «Centralized purchasing“Delays in procedures pose a serious risk to the health of citizens suffering from this chronic disease.

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A report received by the Attorney General’s Office states shortage In the process of supplying medicines to health promotion entities (EPS) 2023. The condition prevents hundreds of people battling the disease from starting treatment in time.

The Attorney General’s Office emphasized that Drug management cost optimization is responsibility of Sanitation Committee and social protection. While price negotiations and business strategies are part of this process, they do not excuse the failure to guarantee Colombians’ basic right to health.

In addition to these immediate actions, the entity is also taking disciplinary action to investigate the shortage of this and other essential medicines in the country.

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