Drug traffickers take advantage of crisis Covid-19, according to US; send ships to the Caribbean


Washington.— United States is deploying military personnel in the Caribbean and the Pacific to “duplicate” their ability to counterdrug operations in the region, in partnership with 22 other countries that you should avoid that mexican cartels “taking advantage” of the pandemic coronavirus to speed up their activities, an assertion that has no presented no evidence.

“We have intelligence for a long time that the drug cartelsas a result of the Covid-19, going to try to take advantage of the situation and try to infiltrate additional drugs to our country”, was limited to comment. Several reports, however, suggest that the cartels are suffering from shortages of chemicals to manufacture drugs due to the pandemic and the closure of borders; the demand, however, would continue at the same level.

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The effort of the Pentagon, specifically in the Southern Command, includes destroyers and ships of Navy combat planes and helicopters of the air force, and ships of the coast guard, and are expected to increase the surveillance, disruption, and seizure of “tons” of drugs.

“We’re not going to allow that cartel drug traffickers to take advantage of the pandemic to threaten the lives of americans,” he said. The deployment is expected to perform close to the venezuelan coast, in a new exercise of pressure to the figure of the president Nicolas Maduro; at the same time, he wants to have the sources of supply of cocaine mexican cartel.

“The cartels have to be defeated, both for the people of our country to the people of Venezuela and Mexico” summed up the attorney general William Barr, who took the opportunity to highlight the good cooperation with the mexican authorities and announced results “fruitful” in a few months.

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