Dua Lipa dropped copyright infringement charge for single ‘Levitating’

dua lipa Receives the filing of lawsuits brought for copyright infringement. reggae band article sound systemThe person who accused the British artist has opted to permanently drop the charges.

March 1, 2022 dua lipa was sued by article sound system, Florida reggae band, for copyright infringement. It is alleged in the indictment Leverageby song Lipa of 2020 (#1 on the Billboard Hot 100 of 2021), was created based on live your lifereleased as a single by the US groupEP Smoke And Mirrors of 2017.

,Leverage Of Lipa it was torn from live your life“, read the lawsuit filed against the artist in federal court in Los Angeles. The complaint states that “the two tracks are so similar that it is highly unlikely Leverage was made independently”. The lawsuit, in addition to accusing Warner Records (the record label dua lipa), sued whoever contributed to the hit track. But in a ruling last Monday, June 5, US District Judge Sunshine S Sykes said that “there is no evidence that Lipa heard the band sing before making their own music” and “there is no indication that anyone was involved in the production of Leverage He had access to the last song – he insisted Sykes – and it is central to rebutting the copyright allegation.”

Similarly, in November 2022, the singer’s lawyer one kiss And be one, had advanced counterarguments (similar to those adopted in the previous Monday’s sentencing), defining the allegations as “speculative”, “vague” and “supported by little actual evidence”. The judge wrote in the record that “the evidence presented by the band does not even suggest a reasonable possibility that the defendants actually heard the second song first.” Although technically the case against last Monday’s sentence appears to be closed Lipa, The case was not yet completely closed. The judge had in fact established that the reggae band, after correcting the errors identified in its initial complaint, could have submitted another – revised and more detailed.

Therefore, after the test on Monday 5th, article sound system He has been given time till June 16 to file the case again. However, on Wednesday 7 June, the band decided to drop the copyright lawsuit they were running. dua lipa: lawyer article sound system and of dua lipa In fact, they filed a joint motion to ask the judge to definitively dismiss the case.

So it appears the band has decided not to pursue further litigation against Lipa and others involved in its production. Leverage, “Following the court’s decision to dismiss his complaint, the plaintiffs have voluntarily chosen to dismiss their case,” he pointed out. Board D’s lawyerua lipa, Christine Lepera – There was no settlement with the defendants: the band decided to drop the litigation ex parte. “Defendants will stand ready to vigorously defend any continuation of the trial”, he concluded.

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