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Dua Lipa received the crown of the world superstar thanks to the success Nostalgia for the futurean album that introduced her as a sensual disco diva after a mainstream career, always oriented towards pop and dance.

With the new album, things may go differently, even if listening carefully to the song on this album may provide some clues.. let `s talk about pretty please which resembles sonority a la Tame the impala and a recent New York Times interview in which the Kosovo-born singer talks about the psychedelic influence of the 70s in connection with her next work, due out in 2024.

Looks like she was working with her. Kevin Parker it is personal and clear that his figure as writer and producer will not be the only one to count on this job, as befits a pop star of his caliber. Although still to be confirmed. For now, she’s in denial, and her ardent fans, on the contrary, have already gathered enough clues about it, starting with stories and posts that the pop star has shared in recent months via Instagram. Last but not least, Mark Ronson intervened, apparently having already listened to part of the work, confirming that the tempo would be changed.

Lipa has said good things about Parker in the past. Consequence cites a 2018 interview in which she expressed her desire to work with him. Meanwhile, he made his big screen debut thanks to Barbie of which Ronson was the executive producer of the soundtrack and co-produced the recent dance the nighta single that performed well on the singles charts around the world.

In a video about dance the night the strobe is seen falling and destroying itself. As if to say, he symbolically crosses this stage of his career to move on to the next chapter.
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On SA you will find an overview of the above Nostalgia for the future written by Fernando Rennis, but also career understanding dedicated Tame the impala.

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