Dua Lipa: new album will be released in 2024. And he will be different

Dua Lipa is preparing to return to the stage with a new album. The perfect successor to “Future nostalgia” will be released in 2024. This was revealed by the same “Don’t start now” pop star in an interview given to T Magazine, without revealing further details about the album’s release date. .

Dua Lipa, the main character on the Barbie soundtrack with her song “Dance the night” (it’s the most played track on the disc containing the movie clips, with over 195 million streams on Spotify), neither confirmed nor denied. Rumor has it that for For his new album, he would hire producer Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, already with Lady Gaga and The Weeknd.

According to the first leaked advances on the ideal successor to “Future nostalgia”, for her next album, Dua Lipa would decide to change everything, moving away from the sounds of the 80s that she explored in her latest album and recreated almost philologically with homages here and there. hit of the decade. “I listened to something, and it’s incredible. That’s why in the video for ‘Dance the night’ you see the stroboscopic ball fall and destroy itself: it’s a bit like he’s boldly trampling this phase of his music to head towards his next chapter,” said producer Mark Ronson, who is close to to a pop star.

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