Dua Lipa, where does the current singer live? Dream home surrounded by greenery

Where does the famous Albanian singer Dua Lipa, who starred in the movie “Barbie”, which was a big hit this summer 2023, live.

Dua Lipa is definitely one of them. celebrities the most popular at the moment. Beautiful, talented and super talented. Of course, the singer stands out not only with her voice, but also with the ability to truly be multifaceted.

At the moment, his participation in the film event of the year, i.e. Barbie, showed the public even more what a woman is capable of. Her fans literally went crazy to see her in a completely new format, like a film of this magnitude. Dua Lipa is also known as an activist and seeks recognition civil rights and justice. This makes her even more loved and appreciated by the audience, who recognize her as a true icon.

The wonderful house of Dua Lipa, in the greenery of an enchanted garden

Even her tastes in the home spoke like a woman he loves houses that have features that make them unique and recognizable. A bit like her, in short. One of his houses cannot fail to meet these requirements, surrounded by greenery and with a unique style.

After seeing some pictures of your home on social media, the audience literally went crazy and wanted to know where this magical place is.

Dua Lipa: what kind of house does she have

Dua Lipa also furnishes her home with style (PHOTOS ANSA)-Designmag.it

This is one of the singer’s houses, namely the house London. But from the photographs it would seem everything except the townhouse. The villa, in fact, is located on the outskirts of London, and is immersed in the greenery of the garden, which seems almost forests charmed.

And it is this contact with nature that the architecture of the house wants to maintain, which is presented huge windows. A direct connection between the inner and the outer, which creates a magical union. The main materials used range from stone to marble, as well as wood for heating everything. The interiors are characterized by a contemporary style that favors black and white contrasts.

Essentially a dream home that would have cost an artist $2.5 million. But on the other hand, these are figures that would seem quite crumbs for stars of this caliber. A dream that fully reflects her.

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