«Dubbing Wednesday and Eleven Raised Me»

very young (19 years in September), but already one of the most famous voice actresses Italian: A Best Movie Comics & Gamesdarling has arrived Claire Fabiano for a moderate conversation journalist, popular and by content Producer Marta Perego.

A voice actress from a young age, Chiara is one of the most recognizable new voices of Italian dubbing. Thanks to this success, the fame of her characters: she is actually known for dubbing the protagonist Jenna Ortega in the series Wednesday And Millie Bobby Brown In stranger things and made her acting debut in the show A Wish,

Along with her brother Mattia Fabiano, who is also a voice actor, Chiara manages a TikTok profile with over 620k followers in which she talks about her work and hobbies. ,I started the same day she started at age four – she says – We dubbed the scene of two brothers playing basketball. Earlier it was just a passion and a game, now it is a real job. It has always been my brother’s dream to voice superheroes, while mine is to voice princesses. between snow white and cinderella i would choose the first one, this is my favorite,,

,Of course, there are gods in the profession of voice acting. Speed: For example I found that you can recreate the same effect of crying by pouring water on your hand and smelling it with your nose and once I had to do it. Requires tremendous physical effort to concentrate physically and mentally,, Voice Actress Reveals How Giving Voice Gave Her Amazing Ability time travel and world travel,It gives you the ability to play completely different characters and I love voicing 19th century drama and costume filmsIt is exciting to live as they lived. I like romantic and drama movies and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel, When I dubbed my first film, Paranormal Activity 3I was 6 years old. As a kid I always voiced the ghost girl, but I assure you that dubbing those scenes isn’t scary at all, it’s actually a lot of fun! I didn’t like hearing that back when I was younger, but it’s very useful to understand where you went wrong and where you can improve.,,

,Not being understood is something that both Eleven and Wednesday have in common, but often not being understood is precisely what builds our strength. Chiara explains, and then moves on to her personal live meeting with the subject’s actress. stranger things , I started voicing Eleven when I was eleven, and interestingly, Millie Bobby Brown started voicing her when I was eleven. Meeting him was as exciting as it was strange. Especially hearing him speak in English, because I’ve always imagined him with his own voice!,,

,Wednesday isn’t one to show her weaknesses and I love that, I envy her – instead refers to Fabiano on another character who endeared him to the Italian public – I wrote down some of his lines during dubbing so that I could repeat them and use them in real life. Eleven was eschewed by friendship and constantly needs to be with her friends, while Wednesday is more difficult from this point of view, but she too will realize how indispensable friends are. For me, choosing one of them would be like choosing between mother and father, I can’t do that, both gave me a chance to know myself and mature,,

The future of Chiara Fabiano, who received a surprise at the end of the meeting Best Film Awards 2023However, her priority besides her job as a voice actress is her studies, given that she is about to graduate and has university commitments in her future that she absolutely does not want to fail. ,I’m starting university in October, actually I’ve always enjoyed studying at night and I think I’ll continue to do that, I’m a nerd, in general I like to read anything, i decided to start Law Because it’s something I’ve always loved and for which I’m probably more talented than anything else: I gave up on scientific stuff even though I attended a scientific high school. My parents brought me up from an early age, always put studies first, it came before dubbing,,

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