Due to high congestion and the fourth peak, they ask for emergency hospitals in Antioquia

In Antioquia, ICU bed occupancy is at 89.34% Photo: EFE/ Carlos Ortega
In Antioquia, ICU bed occupancy is at 89.34% Photo: EFE/ Carlos Ortega

in the department of Antioquia there are at least 19 hospitals that have had to close their outpatient services, others that exceeded 100% occupancy in emergency rooms, all of the above derived from the acceleration in Covid-19 infections, due to the Omicron variant.

Given this situation, the Government of Antioquia warned that it is not convenient to attend hospitals and for this reason they proposed not to attend so as not to cause crowds. But nevertheless, the Oversight of vaccination has another position and suggests creating emergency hospitals.

In Antioquia ICU bed occupancy is at 89.34%, maintaining a stable trend and even slightly downward this week. Currently there 957 ICU beds available and next week 150 more will begin to be activated.

Spokesman Abdiel Mateus Herrera stated that if a person requires medical assistance or simply feels safer consulting in a hospital, they cannot be denied the possibility or invited not to do so. Instead, for expand the care capacity, emergency hospitals should be established to decongest the services that are at the top.

“The most opportune thing is not that citizens are asked not to attend, but on the contrary, if someone considers a medical evaluation necessary, all the necessary means must be made available that can guarantee care outside hospital institutions. The strategy of emergency hospitals can be focused on the need to decongest emergency networks”, he stated.

In addition, it requested in a list of 15 actions to face this fourth peak, to activate headquarters or spaces conditioned as emergency hospitals, such as alternative emergency care locations in response to the saturation of the emergency hospital network, “measure that can be executed in the month of January and if necessary for the month of February”.

Many of the external medical consultations or the demand for emergency services, and 70% of this total, are due to pathologies other than Covid-19, they are due to respiratory diseases or other pathologies.

Colombia is experiencing the fourth wave of COVID-19 infections and daily cases continue to increase, this is largely due to the omicron variant and its high transmission capacity. That is why some people who have presented symptoms do not know what to do in these cases, and they wonder, Should I attend health services or not?

The director of Epidemiology and Demography of the Ministry of Health, Julián Fernández Niño, announced In which cases people should attend health services in person, this in order that only cases that require immediate medical attention can be attended to as soon as possible.

For the Ministry of Health, it is very important that all people who present symptoms are clear at what time they should go, in person, to the health services, since, “This acceleration of infections also represents a challenge to the health system.”

“Let’s remember to attend health services, only if we have warning signs such as, respiratory distress, a very high fever that does not subside, excessive vomiting or, in general, any alteration in the state of consciousness. Any warning sign that makes evident the need to consult the doctor in person, ”said Julián Fernández.


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