Due to the Corona Virus, the participants of the event Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2020, More slimming


FOXSPORTS.CO.ID – one of the great events in the world of gaming and eSports, namely the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, to experience the United States continues, a reduction in the number of participants. The reason is the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19), is widely used.

Alerts from page One Esports, major companies such as Sony, Facebook, Electronic Arts (EA) production to Epic games from this important event, which the developers of this game.

“We are very quit disappointed to, participation in the Game Developers Conference, but the health and safety of workers worldwide is our main concern,” said party-Sony.

“Kojima Productions has made the difficult decision to cancel our participation at the Game Developers Conference in 2020 due to the increasing concerns about the corona virus.”

“Here at Epic Games we are pleased that the GDC 2020. Unfortunately, the uncertainty is, the health problems it has made impossible, to send our staff, so we have to withdraw the difficult decision to be made, the participation in the event.”