Duh! Smartphone Shipments Natural The Biggest Loss In The History


Figure smartphone Samsung. (Samsung)

Hitekno.com – The pandemic virus corona broke COVID-19 a number of industrial sectors, including smartphones. Registered global collapsed 38 per cent and the worst is February.

Reporting of Strategy Analytics about Phonearenathat this is the biggest decline throughout the year in the history of the smartphone market in the whole world.

The number of shipments of smartphones shipped worldwide in the last month of the 61.8 million units of 99.2 million in the same month fell compared with the same month of the previous year.

In a sequence of 61.8 million mobile phones shipped in February, representing a decrease of 39 percent of the total in January.

Corona Virus forces the manufacturer in China down the Assembly line and a retail store in the smartphone driven market is the largest in the world.

Samsung Galaxy M21. (Samsung India)
Samsung Galaxy M21. (Samsung India)

According to Neil Mawston, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, in February 2020, the Brazilians, the largest decline in the history of smartphones in the whole world.

“The supply and demand of Smartphones in China, broke in the whole of Asia and a slowdown in the world. This is the forgotten time, the want to be of the smartphone industry” Neil Mawston said.

During the month of February, Samsung is a leader in the delivery and selling global smartphone. In the same month, Samsung released the Galaxy S20, and the recently released Galaxy Z-folding, can be folded.

Apple-Store. (Pixabay/3005398)
Apple-Store. (Pixabay/3005398)

Follow Samsung, both in delivery and sales, followed by Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.

Senior analyst at strategy Analytics, said “although there are signs of recovery in China, but it is estimated that the global smartphone will remain shipments weak in March 2020.”

The biggest fear is the corona-virus has locked on Europe, North America, and seduce others, and hundreds of millions of other consumers are not shopping for a new device.

Although Apple has since the opening of the rear panel 42 of the Apple store in China, but everywhere in the world, close shop, it means that the state will remain the same for the smartphone industry in the entire spring and summer.