Duh! Xiaomi Pull Updates Android 10 in Mi A3, Because It is a Serious Problem


INDOZONE.ID Some time ago, Xiaomi has update of the Android operating system 10 launched on the mobile phone, A3 Mi. You are aware of the fact that it already received the majority of the users of the updates.

But after a few days, the rolls since the Android 10 for Mi A3 out, many users complain that their phone to respond again. To disturb it is certainly the comfort of the smartphone users Xiaomi Mi A3.

Party Xiaomi decided to pull it again, the update to Android 10 for Mi A3, and sends the new security package, the with the Android operating system 9.0 Pie.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3
Smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3 (Photo/Android Central)

Looks like the Xiaomi decided to pull back the Android update 10, since it can not fix, the problem is the responsiveness of the screen, in Mi A3 in the shortest amount of time.

So that, as the Xiaomi Customer Care has increasingly with complaints from users Mi A3 in the whole world, they roll out new security updates for the operating system of the Android pie.

Should update to Android 10 than Xiaomi Mi A3 a variety of new features presented, such as Dark mode, gesture control, new, updates, better privacy and also a variety of other updates, which is useful for the user.

Check out the video unboxing of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3 from the YouTube channel Cunchienlife

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