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Dukes of Sussex: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a toxic couple for the British | People

The Duke and Duchess of Susex’s denial of his alleged involvement with a Netflix reality show came too late on Monday. Hours earlier, the poisonous journalist Piers Morgan had already returned to his usual charge against the couple in front of the morning television cameras. That his partner in the work of presentation, the most considered Sussanna Reid, gave him the reason for the first time is a reflection of the extent to which Enrique and Meghan have become a “toxic” couple for many Britons who until recently had them sympathy.

Since the youngest son of Carlos of England and his wife moved to the other side of the Atlantic, after completely detaching themselves from their royal duties, the news that reaches the United Kingdom about their adventures has ended up on the negative side. The last of them, the millionaire contract signed with the Netflix platform (it is speculated that it exceeds 100 million euros) to create documentaries, films and other programs, has rekindled the voices of those who ask that they be stripped of the title of dukes, given who have turned to their new life as “civilians” and to make money thanks to their notorious name. That will not happen, because the title was a personal gift from Elizabeth II to her beloved grandson on the occasion of her wedding, two years ago. And it is unthinkable for me to claim it back.

“She came here, stole our prince from us and returned to Hollywood… And now Miss Privacy [en alusión a las quejas de Meghan sobre la intrusión de los medios] is going to allow every moment of their lives to be broadcast, “roared Morgan after the Daily maiHe would ensure that the Sussexes were going to participate in a reality show from Netflix. The information, which he also collected The Sun, He explained that the cameras were going to follow the dukes for three months in their philanthropic activities, but that it was not clear if they would also have access to the mansion they just bought in Montecito, California, with nine bedrooms and six bathrooms.

A spokesperson for the couple denied that such plans existed and specified that the agreement with Netflix is ​​limited, for the moment, to an innovative nature documentary and an animation series, pending the development of other projects. But the efforts of Enrique and Meghan in projecting the image of a modern and conscientious couple (environment, social projects …) have not quite caught on among the British who, for example, viewed the recent public intervention of the marriage with a bad eye. in the US presidential campaign.His call for Americans to register to vote in the November elections, while not expressly opting for either candidate, was a breach of royal family protocol that requires the neutrality of its members. And a betrayal of the unspoken agreement with his grandmother, the queen, to do everything possible “to safeguard the values ​​of her majesty.” Not to mention the perplexity aroused by the duke’s filmed statement (“it is vital that we reject hate speech and disinformation…”) in which a criticism of Donald Trump could be sensed between the lines.

Elizabeth II and Henry of England, at the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston, May 18, 2019.
Elizabeth II and Henry of England, at the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston, May 18, 2019.POOL New / Reuters

Many no longer recognize that prince who generated so much empathy in his land (despite his youthful stumbles) and who today is seen as a distant character, but above all disoriented. She is no longer her royal highness, she has lost her beloved British Army titles and no longer received public funds, and her current and diffuse projects are now in Meghan’s Hollywood, where it seems she has the floor. The British tabloids that have treated the American with enough doses of cruelty today portray Enrique as a wimp. The least continue to underline the prejudices of which Meghan, a self-made working woman, divorced, of mixed race and clear ideas, has been the victim. And they understand that this pressure – from the media and the palace environment – led the couple to put an ocean in between and invent a new Californian life with little Archie, 1 year old, whom his real great-grandmother has barely seen beyond specific Zoom sessions. The change has been so radical that, in that other Sussex life, the relationship with the Windsors does not go beyond the telematic universe.

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