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Dukes of Sussex: The Definitive Gesture of Meghan Markle and Henry of England | People

What has irritated the British tabloid the most The Daily Mail is that the The judicial slap that Meghan Markle has just given him has been with Brexit open-handed. “It is a firmly established principle in the Strasbourg jurisprudence, which this court must take into account, that the articles [de prensa] intended solely to satisfy the curiosity of a certain public about the private life of a person, no matter how well known, they do not contribute to any debate of general interest in society ”. Judge Mark Warby has drawn on the hated European Convention on Human Rights, the black beast of the Eurosceptic press, to affirm that the Duchess of Sussex has the right to her privacy and, more importantly, to manage her image better. suits you. The newspaper did not have the right to publish the almost complete content of the letter that Meghan sent to her father, Thomas Markle, in the moments of tension before their royal wedding.

With that long-awaited victory in hand, the couple of Enrique and Meghan have retaken the initiative with a double blow. Last Sunday they announced the arrival of their second child, with a bucolic black and white photo in which they demonstrated their growing mastery of the art of communication. Enrique, barefoot, caresses and smiles at Meghan, who rests her head on his lap. Both, under the “tree of life.” 37 years after Lady Di announced the arrival of her second child. A replica of the photo of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in Notting Hill.

The Dukes of Sussex, in the photo with which they announce that they will be parents again.
The Dukes of Sussex, in the photo with which they announce that they will be parents again.

And not to reduce the climax, the announcement after one of the most coveted and anticipated interviews in recent years. The megastar of American journalism and entertainment, Oprah Winfrey, will interview the couple on March 7 in a two-part special that will be broadcast on CBS. The Queen from television hand-in-hand with the UK Queen’s wayward grandchildren, to discuss “her life as members of the royal family, her marriage, her motherhood, her philanthropic work and her tricks of living under intense public scrutiny” , as announced by the television network. The first part will star exclusively Markle, who maintains a great friendship with the presenter, whom she invited to her wedding. A neighbor of the couple in Santa Barbara (California), Winfrey has helped Enrique with his television projects and promotes the latest business venture of the Duchess of Sussex, a vegan coffee brand, on her Instagram account.

The British tabloid press – and especially popular host Piers Morgan, who has made his feud with Markle a profession – has exploded. Present the interview as the couple’s final act of disloyalty. “Your Majesty, strip them of their titles now. All the British people are with you and against these two scoundrel swindlers, ”Morgan wrote to Elizabeth II, after scoffing at the alleged efforts of the Sussexes to protect their privacy.

Buckingham Palace has limited itself to saying that the couple’s relationship with the media, once separated from their obligations as members of the royal family, is a matter of their exclusive private competence. Beyond alleged reprisals or slights, it was already anticipated that Enrique would end up losing, for practical reasons, the public titles that a life settled thousands of kilometers from the United Kingdom made it difficult for him to fully exercise.

It has not been possible to confirm it, but some media already suggest that the interview has been prerecorded and choreographed in detail. Enough to generate a worldwide expectation, but with a measured respect for the figure of Elizabeth II, and without the depth charges that other historical television interviews of members of British royalty have had in a family that does not win for shocks.

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