Dulce Maria Aravez’s four-year absence: What New Jersey’s missing girl looks like today

New Jersey ——It was the afternoon of September 16, 2019, when Dulce Maria Aravez, 5, last seen at a park in Bridgeton, Cumberland County. From that time on, nothing is known about her.

This girl who was born in the United States and is of Mexican origin, I will be 9 years old in 2023.There is no evidence that the minor has died, so Authorities believe she may still be alive.

So, in light of the fourth anniversary of her disappearance, they show what the little girl might have looked like. Dulce Maria Aravez Over Timehoping that people who see that face will recognize him.

The disappearance of Dulce Maria Aravez

The afternoon Dulce Maria was last seen, she was playing on a park playground with her 3-year-old brother, Manuel. his mother, Noema Alavez, then 19 and pregnant; She was in the car with her 8-year-old sister (the minor’s aunt).

Data disclosed to researchers indicate A thin Hispanic suspect with a pimpled face took the minor away in a red van.. This is information provided by some witnesses, but due to the lack of surveillance cameras in the park, this information cannot be confirmed.

Dulce’s brother claims he saw A man calls them with his hands.

‘I wanted to kiss her and hug her’: Dulce Maria Alavés’ mother’s birthday wish

Looking for Dulce Maria Aravez

Although since the minor disappeared Hundreds of interviews have been conducted and dozens of leads followed, including some out of state.As of the fourth anniversary, no arrests have been made.

What kind of life does the father of a minor live? In Mexico, investigations have reached the country. The man has been questioned.

Florida team joins search

Recently there is news that At the request of a group of volunteers, the Anti-Predator Project team from Florida joined the searchand has begun conducting some leads and interviews with community members.

There is one Awards up to $75,000 Obtain information that may help locate the minor or understand what happened.

Surveyed by Bridgeton Police Department, Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Unit and the FBI.

Any data must be shared by calling 911, 856-451-0033 or 1-800-225-5324.

You can also share information with groups Anti-Predator Project, call 305-796-4859 or send a Send an email to info@antipredatorproject.org

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Just before 4:00 pm on Monday, September 16 – he entered the store with his mother, brother and aunt, where he chose coconut ice cream. He was wearing a yellow shirt, black and white pants and white sandals. She tied her long hair into a ponytail. They arrived at Bridgeton City Park just after 4:00 pm, where she was last seen. 4:20 PM Dulce’s brother returned to the car, but his sister was not present. Noma Alaviz began searching for her daughter but could not find her. 5:00 PM – Noema Alavez calls police to report that she cannot find her daughter.

Credit: FBI


Amber Alert issued Tuesday, September 17 | 10:00 PM. Authorities said they received reports that the girl was taken by a man who was light-skinned, possibly Hispanic, and about 5 feet 6 inches tall. He was said to be wearing orange sneakers, red pants and a black shirt.

Credit: FBI


Wednesday, September 18 – The Bridgeton community comes together for the first vigil to honor the minor.

Credit: 6abc

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Friday, September 19 – A combined reward of $20,000 is being offered for information leading to the whereabouts of the Hispanic minor.

Credit: Facebook


Friday, September 20 – Award increased to $25,000. Prosecutor Webb McRae appealed to the community to come forward with information to help the investigation.

Credit: Noema Alaviz


Saturday, September 21 – Award increased to $35,000.

Credit: FBI

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Monday 23rd September | “We are asking anyone who was at the Bridgeton City Park play area between 3pm and 6pm on Monday 16th September 2019 to check their mobile phones to see if they were in the area Photographs and/or videos were taken.” “Their media may contain information that may appear harmless to them, but may be useful in helping us bring Dulce back,” prosecutor Webber-McRae said in a written communication. A valuable piece of the puzzle for home and family reunion.”

Credit: Emily Cordero


Tuesday, Sept. 24 – Investigators report they have made contact with Dulce’s father, who lives in Mexico. The FBI said it is conducting a personal interview with him. Later, they included Dulce Maria in the “Most Wanted” category.

Credit: Facebook


Friday, September 27th | Bridgeton City Park woke up to yellow bows, toys, candles and signs hoping for the appearance of little Dulce.

Credit: Emily Cordero

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Wednesday, September 30 – Noema Alavez Pérez addresses the media and appeals to those who took her little daughter away. “I’m worried about my daughter,” she said.

Credit: Emily Cordero


Thursday, October 3 | Authorities filter Noema Alaviz’s 911 call.

Credit: Facebook


Thursday, October 3 – Friends of Dulce María spoke to Univision 65 and expressed how much they miss their classmate.

Credit: Emily Cordero

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Thursday, October 3 | Dulce María’s grandfather speaks to Univision 65, urging the community to unite in the search for his granddaughter.

Credit: Emily Cordero


Friday, October 4 – Prosecutor Webber-McRae subpoenas the media for details of the search. It shared no major updates and reiterated that the immigration status of people who provide information about minors will not be questioned.

Credit: Emily Cordero


Saturday, October 5 – Univision 65 received a letter from a six-year-old girl expressing her concern for Dulce María. The minor’s disappearance prompted parents to discuss with their children how to behave around strangers.

Credit: Univision 65

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Sunday, October 6 – The Bridgeton community comes together again for another search.

Credit: Jackie Rodriguez

number 17/18

Wednesday, October 9 | Reward for information increased to $52,000.

Credit: Bridgeton Police Department


Tuesday, October 15 | Prosecutor Webber-McRae shared sketches of possible witnesses in the case.

Credit: Bridgeton Police Department

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