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After Oppenheimer which he kicked out of IMAX theaters around the world Mission Impossible 7history may repeat itself Dunes 2 at the expense Miracles.

IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond made the announcement at a conference on earnings for the second quarter of the year. In fact, the manager explained that he doubted the cancellation of the exit Dunes 2 Warner because the marketing campaign has already begun, and delaying until the day the actors’ strike ends will mean an opportunity to bring actors into promotional activities, as well as a schedule change and an increase in advertising spending, which will increase money. already paid. And if really Dunes 2 will not be delayed, all this will lead to the inability to make an offer Miracles in structures equipped with this specific format, Denis Villeneuve’s film is preferred.

CEO says:

As for Dune in particular, another big movie is coming out at the same time, namely Miracles from Marvel Studios, but we won’t be able to schedule it because we’re already busy with Dune. If Dune 2 is delayed, Denis Villeneuve’s movie days will switch to Miracles, and having a Marvel movie as a backup isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. But as far as Dune 2 goes, it’s extremely unlikely in my opinion that it will be rescheduled, and that’s an opinion based on factual information, as I’ve spent a lot of time gathering data.

Gelfond adds:

Dune 2 is already at the center of a marketing campaign that has begun. Trailers and other materials have already been released. It was presented on several important occasions. Denis Villeneuve even participated in the IMAX forum. The film is already moving forward, and if it were delayed now, then later we would have to repeat all these expenses. In addition, Dune 2 will have a long IMAX screening window of up to five or six weeks. It was lucky that there were no other conflict projects. If they roll it over to next year, it’s unlikely they’ll get the same forecast period. And remember: IMAX provided approximately 20% of Dune 1’s box office receipts (…) The IMAX release is a very important element of their distribution strategy. And, as I said earlier, I don’t think they will be able to reproduce such a long projection period again.

Dunes – part two will be released in Italy on November 17th. In the cast, in addition to Rebecca Ferguson and Timothée Chalamet, we will find Austin Butler, Zendaya, Christopher Walken, Léa Seydoux and Florence Pugh.

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