Dune. Part 2. Denis Villeneuve reveals the secret of sand

Denis Villeneuve recently disclosed some problems he encountered during the filming of the second part DunesEpic adaptation of the novel of the same name Frank Herbert. In particular, the director spoke about difficulty findingperfect sand and how this process left the crew”injured

IN’interview he said that creating the iconic sand dunes of Arrakis, the desert planet where much of the story takes place, was a difficult process. The director explained that his vision artistic sand dunes with specific formswhile director of photography Greig Fraser he needed the same figures in one special light. To achieve this result, production designer Patrice Vermette spent weeks dumping sand dunes in the desert, alone colossal efforts which impressed the production team.

Despite the complexity of this process Villeneuve even joked about this.saying he is still found there today sand in your shoes every morning. An effort of absolute aesthetics, reflected in the extraordinary aesthetics of the film, faithfully recreating the world imagined by Herbert. The director also spoke about focus of the second partdescribing it as “War filmand emphasizing the importance of the relationship between the main character, Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and Chani (Zendaya) part Fremen tribe from Arrakis. The director emphasized that this relationship is fundamental for the story and adds a deep emotional dimension to the film.

Release DUNES: Part 2 Originally scheduled for November, but was moved to March 15, 2024 due to strikes in Hollywood and the impossibility of a grand release with the support of the cast.

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