Dune Part Two won’t be pushed back to 2024

As we have reported countless times over the past few weeks, this strike what’s going on in Hollywood right now has brought many productions to a halt and, as far as films that have already been made, pushed back release dates. The most striking was, without a doubt, the case of applicants, director’s film Luca Guadagno and the star played zendaya, which has already been announced as the opening film of the 80th Venice International Film Festival but will be withdrawn after the release date is pushed back to 2024 to count on Zendaya’s presence in the promotional phase. As a result of the strike so many films as well Gran Turismo AND Craven saw their release date pushed back to 2024. One thing that, however, does not seem to apply to the film Dunes – part two, director Denis Villeneuve and expected in November 2023.

What is the fate of Dune?

According to a report prepared drum worldsources close to Warner Bros. reportedly said that Dunes – part two it will not be pushed back to 2024 and the release date appears to be confirmed. A choice completely against the trend of what’s going on in Hollywood during these hours, given that actors and screenwriters are doing everything to demonstrate their importance, putting an end to projects produced and distributed by large companies owned by ‘Film and Television Producers Alliance (which we now all know by the acronym AMPTP).

What is Denis Villeneuve’s film about?

However, it is possible that this choice is due to the fact that Dunes – part two it’s basically a continuation. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film is, in fact, the second chapter in a saga that began in 2021 and presented its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Based on science fiction literature signed frank herbert, Dunes follows the story of Paul Atreides (star Timothy Chalamet), who, after being forced to leave his home planet and move to the desert of Arrakis, also known as Dune, helplessly witnesses the collapse of his family and, above all, his beloved father Leto (the eminent Oscar Isaac). Fleeing from enemies who want to possess the mysterious Spice and erase the name of the Atreides from historical almanacs, Paul actually discovers a different truth and a different culture with which he is inextricably linked and which will lead him to the hardships of Arrakis. together in the inheritance of the mother (Rebecca Ferguson), challenge the desert worms and contact Chani (Zendaya), a girl who haunts him in his sleep.

The second chapter of the saga, which many thought could have been presented in Venice, only to find that post-production and special effects require more work, picks up where the first film left off and allows the viewer to immerse themselves even deeper into mysteries that revolve around Arrakis and La Spezia, while Paul will not only get to know Chani better, but will seek to fulfill a role that feels right to him and that links him to an ancient prophecy.

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