Dwayne Johnson: A moving message dedicated to the people of Hawaii and Maui after the devastating fires | Movie

Through Instagram Dwayne Johnson shared a touching message of support for the community in Hawaii, and especially Maui, recently hit by a series of devastating wildfires that have killed more than 115 people and caused untold environmental and economic damage.

Dwayne Johnson’s video, which you can find below, is accompanied by the following text:

All my love and strength is returning home to Hawaii as our Maui community mourns, continuing to be so strong in the spirit of resilience and mana. We are one. We overcome obstacles. This is who we are as a culture and this is what we do as people.

Thank you to all of you around the world who continue to offer their support with prayers of encouragement, resources, money, humanitarian aid.

And to our Kanaka elders and leaders of the cultural community: I love you and thank you for the way you lead the people. You guide us as long as we are committed to our mission so that even after such devastating destruction and mental anguish, our Hawaiian land will forever remain in the hands of our Polynesian people.

We are one. I love you and we’ll see you in person soon.

Hold on DJ ❤️

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