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Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt will return to us …

Actors Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt will resume their roles in the adventure film “Jungle Cruise” in a sequel, which is prepared by Disney, reports Variety.

The sequel to the feature film, which recently surpassed the US $ 100 million mark, is expected to be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

In the film based on a circuit in the Disneyland amusement park, Dwayne Johnson is Captain Frank Wolf, while Emily Blunt, the explorer Dr. Lily Houghton.

Executive producer Scott Sheldon and producers John Davis, John Fox, Beau Flynn, Johnson, Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia are also expected to return.

Michael Green, who signed “Jungle Cruise” with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, will write the sequel.

“Jungle Cruise” was released on July 30, both in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access (a $ 30 viewing). In its debut weekend, it earned $ 34.2 million from ticket sales and $ 30 million from Disney Plus, the company said.

Globally, to date, the film has grossed $ 187 million.


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