Dwayne Johnson breaks his silence on why the Black Adam franchise was canceled by DC

During a recent show Hart to Hart presented Kevin Hart (recording before the actors’ strike), Dwayne Johnson has need to talk about the “rise and fall” Black Adams, the film, released last October, has amassed just under 400 million views worldwide. In fact, as many of you know, the actor, under an agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures intended to use the film to open a new chapter in the DC Universe, so he pushed for a comeback. Henry Cavill How Superman and developed sequels and spin-offs with his production company.

Despite this, with the advent James Gunn AND Peter Safran at the helm of DC and with the announcement of the reboot plans for Black Adam 2 They have been removed.

In this regard, the actor explained that even today he cannot fully understand why the character was abandoned, especially after what he defines as a great economic success (although not all analysts agree with these statements).

Kevin Hart: Black Adam, big box office debut. Great, everyone is involved, but they still announce that they will not continue the world of Black Adam. I’m curious: after all, despite this successful debut, despite the reception of your fans, for what reason did they block the project?

Dwayne Johnson: Black Adam was stunned by the change in company management. While we were creating Black Adam, developing it, filming it, and going through the COVID lockdown, there were a lot of leadership changes. Every time one of these big companies, especially one of this magnitude, has a change of leadership, the people who show up make creative and financial decisions that you might not agree with. So, Black Adam was one of those films that got caught up in this big web of change… it will always remain one of the biggest mysteries, not only for me, but for the entire industry.

Dwayne Johnson: Your question was asked on Wall Street, in Hollywood. They were perplexed: “Wait a second, this was the best debut of your career, even if it hadn’t been released in China, which would have made another 100 or 200 million. You had this superhero, you imagined him and you wanted to make a franchise out of him. You brought Superman back and the world went crazy…”

Dwayne Johnson: You also texted me the first weekend to say “You’ve created something different with so many black men and women in the film” and in Black Adam 2 we wanted to do the same.

Kevin Hart: I was impressed by the performance of the film. This is a project you have always cherished. You managed to crack the correct code in the world of superheroes. You had big ambitions, but you did a great job with me (…). The film is coming out, it’s very successful, it’s also doing well at a time when the box office was struggling a lot… what you’re saying makes sense, there’s been a change in management, sometimes the industry changes so much. We cannot be part of this world, we can only give it better opportunities to do something else. This is our job.

Dwayne Johnson: These are business-oriented people. You and I always put the audience first. We respect everyone, of course, but we think about the possibilities, we create opportunities, we create something new for the public, our number one boss. When people don’t see it that way, it becomes a challenge for us and we think, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Dwayne Johnson: After all, it’s like when a new president comes in, buys an NFL team, and says, “He’s not my coach, he’s not my quarterback.” No matter how many times you win the Super Bowl, no matter how many titles you win, I want to pick someone else.

The actor himself in December last year announced that he was dating James Gunn and discussed the future with him Black Adams. Gunn won’t choose to recast the character, but he won’t introduce him in his first chapter of the new DC Universe either.

However, at the same time, Black Adam could return through DC Multiverse, an option Gann wants to explore in the future. Here is the actor’s statement.

My dear friends, I want to tell you about the future of Black Adam in the new DC Universe.

James Gunn and I have dated and Black Adam will not be part of the first chapter of the new narrative. However, DC and the Seven Bucks have come to an agreement to continue exploring the best uses for Black Adam in future chapters of the DC Multiverse.

James and I have known each other for many years and have always supported each other. Now nothing has changed, I will always root for DC (and Marvel) for their triumph.

After 15 years of hard work making Black Adam, I’m really proud of the movie we’ve made for fans around the world. I will always look back on the reaction of Black Adam fans with great gratitude, humility and love.

We did it great.

For fans of Black Adam and the superhero genre, love you. Thank you, I will always continue to listen to you and do my best to entertain you.


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